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Coronation Street’s Yasmeen arrested for attempted murder in dark Geoff twist

Yasmeen Metcalfe’s abuse ordeal is going to go on for even longer as Geoff survives being stabbed and is charged with attempted murder in dramatic Coronation Street scenes.
Coronation Street’s continuing domestic abuse storyline between Geoff’s married couple (Ian Bartholomew) and Yasmeen Metcalfe Shelley King) is set to take a dark turn next week.

Yasmeen has been coercively controlled by manipulating Geoff for over a year and will be pushed to a breakpoint next week to stab her abusive husband in self-defense. The evil radio presenter has destroyed Yasmeen’s self-esteem to the point where she struggles to do anything without his approval and has lost friends, family, and access to her own money.
In horrible scenes broadcast earlier this year, Geoff murdered Charlotte Bronte, his wife’s beloved chicken pet, before tricking her into wife’s beloved her.

The episode saw a massive increase in viewers seeking advice from ITV’s helpline, and it seems like Yasmeen’s ordeal is far from over. Helpless Yasmeen will find the bravery to leave Geoff in the coming scenes, but all will go wrong and be charged with attempted murder.
Yasmeen is going to bottle Geoff and fear that she killed him after attacking her with a knife. Corrie viewers saw Yasmeen start plans to leave controlling Geoff by secretly packing a bag and hiding it ready to escape.

She is unaware, however, that Geoff has installed a hidden camera, and will thus be aware of her scheme. Dramatic images now show the terrifying moment that Geoff waves a knife at Yasmeen, leaving her scarred. Knowing how dangerous Geoff is, Yasmeen instinctively picks up the nearest thing to her — a bottle of wine — to defend herself. After being bullying Geoff back into a corner, Yasmeen grabs the bottle of wine and hits him, slashing his neck with the broken glass.

She looks helplessly at her husband lying on the floor as she realizes what she has done.
A frightened Yasmeen dials 999 and tells the operator: “I’ve just killed my husband.” A source told The Sun Online: “Yasmeen will eventually know what Geoff did to her, but her spirals of escape are out of control.” There’s an explosive incident, and Yasmeen has no choice but to do what she does.

“She will be arrested and charged for Geoff’s attempted murder.”The insider has revealed that viewers will be left devastated as Yasmeen struggles to get people to believe what Geoff has done to her for months.
Will Yasmeen get the deserved help?

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