Clear steps COVID-19 conversation-based screener goes deep into
protecting healthcare services

There’s an increasing range of symptom checkers and monitoring devices you can use at home if you think you might have contracted the latest coronavirus that causes the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of them are fairly simple, with three to four questions addressing the most documented effects faced by someone who has verified developing the disorder. In comparison, Clear-step has developed its own COVID-19 screener for chat-bot based symptom checking app development, which goes further to combine symptom checking with screening for possible exposure to the virus.


The main US stock market indices are sharply down at the open this morning, with stocks dropping after a multi-day rally helped shave off some losses from their calendar-year results.

Apple is extending free trials for its innovative applications

Apple today revealed that it is indefinitely extending the free trials on Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X from 30 days to 90 days, giving potential users a longer period of time to test out the program at home. With this announcement, Apple is joining a number of other tech firms in the midst of the corvid-19 crisis, expanding the free trials of their products.

Yelp delays Go Fund Me Covid-19 fundraising after opt-out outcry

A fundraising initiative put in place this week by Yelp and GoFundMe to help local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was halted following public outrage over how it was carried out— specifically, the uproar over how the two did not have an easy and fast way out of fundraising.

Smart telescope companies are struggling to overcome the satellite challenge
of astronomy

The stakeholders are big, with ventures such as Starlink (SpaceX’s satellite branch) potentially critical to the future of global Internet coverage, especially as new technology implements 5 G and edge computing. Around the same time, the pillars of observational science may be challenged by satellite clusters — whether from Star link or from national militaries. (Members with Extra Crunch required.)

Notarize to add 1000 online notaries to meet the demand for remote transactions.

The company is working with the National Notary Association to verify that notaries have been screened and have the insurance or bonding required. The program is open to Americans in all 50 states or abroad but to access the network, notaries must be physically located in Florida, Nevada, Texas or Virginia.

Social Bluebook has been hacked, revealing 217,000 influencer accounts.

Social Bluebook, a Los Angeles based company, allows advertisers to pay “influencer” for posts advertising their goods and services on social media. The business says it has some 300,000 influencers on its books but the entire backend database was compromised in a data breach in October 2019.

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