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DI M-OAN Emmerdale hit with Ofcom complaints after viewers slam killer policeman DI Malone for ‘making all cops look corrupt’

Bent Copper Malone, played by Mark Womack, first appeared on screen last month, and the viewers were quick to see that he was actually a criminal. It was soon revealed that Malone owned the pistol that Cain Dingle used to shoot Nate Robinson, and the drama just intensified. Fans last week called for the murder of DI Malone after he told Billy that he should use his mother, Dawn Taylor, as a prostitute in a sick state of threat. The ITV soap now seems to be gearing up to a bloodbath as Cain’s feud with the dodgy detective reaches a fever pitch.

But some viewers are not very impressed by DI Malone’s storylines. The Sun Online may reveal that TV watchdog Ofcom has been hit with nine complaints about the unlike character. The regulator’s spokesman confirmed that the complaints were about “how the storyline involving police corruption was a misrepresentation. Played by Jurell Carter, DI Malone made his debut in Emmerdale to quiz residents over Nate’s shoot. But, along with the official Ofcom complaints, other viewers hit Twitter and demanded that the storyline be culled. One wrote: B”ent coppers are fun

. DI Malone is pss bad. “I should be more concerned with a paper cut than the sh*show he is. #Emmerdale.”
One said, “We’re getting into #BasilFawlty territory now! How many Cops do DI Malone have on his payroll!” You don’t think the trumped-up charges against Billy add up to 10 years—do you?! # Emmerdale. “Third tweeted,” Treasure Hunt and DI Malone’s Bent Cop act is diabolical!

“Emmerdale continues at 7 p.m. tonight (Wednesday 15 April) on ITV1.

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