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EASTENDERS fans went wild last night after Tracey admitted having a one night stand with Phil Mitchell.

The Queen Vic stalwart, played by Jane Slaughter, confessed to her night of passion for the Watford hard nut during the Thames Boat Party for the 35th Anniversary of the Soap. She jumped across the dance floor with Big Mo, who exclaimed, "You and Phil Mitchell?!" Tracey replied, "It was years ago. It was only one night. Though one night would be a generous description!"

One posted on twitter, "Tracey, you dark horse." Another wrote, "All this drama seems to have missed a crucial piece of information. TRACY HAD SEX WITH PHIL."
The scene was a bit of light entertainment for viewers who said they've just been off the soap after several grisly and aggressive scenes.
BBC One soap received a huge 181 complaints last month after Phil had been shown to torture Jack Branning.

There have also been other moments of torture with Keanu tieing Callum after kidnapping him-and making Ben Mitchell listen to the whole matter.
And on Friday, Whitney Dean was brutally murdered in self-defense by Leo King, after he had constantly harassed her to avenge his paedophile father, Tony.
With the 35th anniversary of the soap approaching, the suspense is on the rise, but not all fans are loving it.

Reading on the EastEnders website, one fan wrote, "There seems to be a lot of action in EastEnders these days, and almost every episode." On Friday, we had the Bobby storyline with a brick through the window, the Whitney storyline that involved a lot of violence[ and] the kidnapping of Callum."Recently even domestic violence, kidnapping and endless Mitchell stories, including the kidnap of Louise kidnapping and attempted murder of Keanu, etc." The viewer added: "I'm not especially against any of these stories on my own, but I find it's a bit too much and a bit of a turn-off."Another added: "I was a little sick of seeing battered bodies and broken bones.

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