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EastEnders’ Mick Carter driven out of business in Peter Beale revenge plot?

When the businessman realizes the Queen Vic landlord and Janine Butcher have outwitted him, an angry Peter Beale may soon push Mick Carter out of business as part of a revenge scheme.

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) are teaming together to outbid Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) for the sponsorship of Albert Square’s Christmas Tree. When Peter finds that the pair have outbid him, he becomes enraged in upcoming EastEnders scenes. Will he evict Mick and leave Queen Vic without a landlord in order to get his vengeance?

Next week on the BBC serial, Peter is overheard by a cunning Janine discussing his intention to sponsor the Christmas tree in Albert Square.

She flirts with a customer as part of her plot to have Liam Butcher (Alfie Deegan) steal his keys, but he doesn’t get the hint and doesn’t take them.

Later, Mick expresses his financial concerns, and Janine offers that The Vic sponsors the Christmas Tree, which he believes is worth a shot.

He finally comes to the conclusion that Janine is correct, but Peter is less than impressed when he hears that the cunning businesswoman and Mick have outbid him.

When Tanya Franks (Rainie Highway) and Ricky Champ (Stuart Highway) overhear the news, they are equally disappointed that they have missed out on the bid.

Later, Peter pays Janine and Mick a visit to inform them that he was successful in outbidding them, leaving the two devastated.

Mick is taken aback when he discovers Janine is armed and ready to take Peter down that night.

Mick and Janine, as well as Stuart and Rainie, go past a smug Peter admiring the new Christmas tree.

Mick agrees to let a crafty Janine do something to erase Peter’s grin off his face, annoyed by Peter’s utter arrogance.

Queen Vic and Mick also have a touching interlude together when she tells Mick about a childhood recollection of her father.

The two become friends over the recollection, and the Queen Vic landlord offers her some encouraging words.

Later, Peter is taken aback when he realizes the Christmas tree has vanished, and he confronts Mick and Janine about it.

What will happen when the Beale businessman addresses the duo about the missing tree?

Will Mick and Peter get into a physical altercation over the issue?

Or will Peter appear calm on the surface before returning home and attempting to put Mick out of business as a form of retaliation?

If Peter succeeds, Mick may find himself unable to care for his family during the holidays.

With Christmas only a few weeks away, Mick should be cautious about who he offends, as he may end up looking much worse than Peter.

Peter returned to EastEnders during the show’s 35th anniversary week last year, but he hasn’t had a major plot since then.

Perhaps Peter has broader plans than merely putting Mick out of business as part of a larger Christmas story.

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