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Eastenders Next Week Spoilers That You Guys Need To Know.

It's another tense EastEnders week, and as Linda Carter spirals out of control and puts Ollie in danger, Shirley is putting her foot down and taking radical action–but may it will be the end of the road for Linda and Mick? The reality surrounding Keanu begins to suspect Bernie Taylor elsewhere, while Whitney Dean faces fresh torture at the hands of evil Leo King.

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Monday 3 February 2020

Linda has a run-in with Shelley when she drops Ollie off at school. Back in the square, her card is turned down, and she discovers that Mick is behind it. Soon Chantelle arrived, picked up Ollie but, seeing Linda intoxicated, took control and Linda exploded. Ollie sees her acts and things get worse as Linda falls asleep, leaving Ollie in terrible danger. Denise comes back from Scotland and greets Isaac before apologizing to Sheree. Upon bonding with Isaac, Patrick challenges Sheree. Whitney admits to Kat that Leo has a logbook, but Jack discovers facts that could help Kush. Suki is planning a family meal for her birthday, but when Vinny suggests it to Ash, Iqra invites her along.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Whitney tries to get things right and sits on the firing line. She takes things into her own hands with Leo but ends up in terrible danger. Shirley is determined to get Linda to face her problems, and Mick takes her to a meeting to support addiction, but, looking at Stuart, Linda backs up. Shirley learns about this and announces that she's taking charge of it. Sharon buys Dennis soccer tickets, and he's touched. Further on, he's searching for Sharon–can he forgive her? Ash and her brothers are shocked by Suki's response to Iqra, but later she shows her true colors in secret, while Sheree opens up to Patrick about Isaac.

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