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Eastenders Peter Beale makes a big decision after returning to Walford.

Peter Beale of EastEnders will make a big decision this week following his return to Walford.

Peter, now played by Dayle Hudson, reappeared in his brother Bobby's time of need during the show's 35th-anniversary episodes.

Peter was last seen in 2015 when he moved to New Zealand following the discovery of the death of his twin sister Lucy.

Tonight's episode (February 24) is going to see Ian get a shock when Bobby wakes up and believes that he heard Peter's voice while he was unconscious.
While Ian believes that Bobby is confused about his medicine, he has little awareness that Peter is back in the square.

As Peter meets his grandma Kathy, he's left in conflict when she desperately attempts to convince him to stick around.

Ian and Bobby are shocked to see Peter in the scenes of Tuesday, but his emotions towards both of them are still evident.
Yet, after some mediation, Peter decides to hang around for Kathy's sake. Sadly, there's no happy family reunion on the cards as Peter fails to be back in his childhood home later in the week.

People will have to watch and see if Peter will stay there in the longer term, but the show will also revisit his former relationship with Lola Pearce–who's surprised to hear that he's back home.

Peter also meets hatred in the form of Max Branning, but he's quick to put him in his place as he insists on Lauren.

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