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EastEnders SPOILER: Jack PUNCHES his brother Max after admitting that he secretly helped the lonely daughter of the unstable character Lauren cope with her Peter breakup.

EastEnders erupts into chaos as a discovery about the relatives of the Branning brothers leaves their relationship hanging by a thread. 

Jack (Scott Maslen) is throwing a punch at his brother Max (Jake Wood) in scenes set to air this week after revealing that he has been in secret contact with his niece Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa), in an effort to help her with her split from Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson).

Max, who has been separated from his daughter after she quit the cobbles in 2018, is angry at the revelation of his brother and then hits a nerve, causing the retired police officer to knock him down.

Uh oh: EastEnders will erupt into chaos as a discovery about the relative of the Branning brothers will leave their relationship hanging by a thread During a local party, the pair will be separated by their Walford neighbors, with a shocked Max left rubbing his face after receiving his brother's wack.

After Lauren quit Albert Square following her sister Abi's (Lorna Fitzgerald's) passing, it is thought she was reunited with Peter, but the on-off pair have split ways since. 

Also, after a four-year break, Peter would move to Walford, with the troubled young man trying to' exorcise those ghosts.'


Violent: Jack (Scott Maslen, right) throws a punch at his brother Max (Jake Wood, left) in scenes set to air this week after revealing that he has been in secret contact with Lauren's niece

On-off: Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) departed the cobbles in 2018, following the death of her sibling Abi.

The drug-addled hero emerging from New Zealand is far grimmer than the one the public knows and loves-previously played by Ben Hardy of Bohemian Rhapsody. 

The executive producer of EastEnders Jon Sen teased Peter's come back to The Sun Online, saying:' Peter Beale is a marvelous character with a very complicated history. 

He has a great heart and has a very broken spirit. He is going back to Walford to exorcise a few ghosts.'

New face: Peter (now played by Dayle Hudson) will return to the series to make an epic comeback to ' exorcise some demons '

Jack was abducted late last year after being wrongly believed to be the father of Sharon Mitchell's boy.

Sharon's angry partner Phil Mitchell, a businesswoman, found out he wasn't the pregnant tot's dad and quickly put two and two together and ended up with Jack.

Since vowing vengeance on the retired police officer, Phil (Steve McFadden) attempted to take drastic measures to guarantee that Jack was totally out of the picture but failed

Danger: Jack was abducted late last year on allegations that he was the father of Sharon Mitchell's baby



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