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EastEnders spoilers: BBC viewers spot glaring mistakes in the death scene in Dennis

EASTENDERS viewers were left in tears yesterday when the BBC soap's boat party tragedy unveiled Dennis Mitchell as the victim. Many eagle-eyed fans, though, were rather bemused by the story's obvious mistake.

Soap fans have been guessing over the past week on EastEnders which character would be bidding farewell as a result of the harrowing boat party tragedy.

The hard-hitting sequences left many EastEnders viewers in mourning as they watched the death of the boy.

Dennis ' death will no doubt send shockwaves through Albert Square, particularly for Sharon and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) likes.

Ian was, after all, the one who locked Dennis in the room below deck while the vessel started filling with water.

Although this week's dramatic drama fascinated audiences, others were left scratching their heads by picking the facility to which the patients were transported.

EastEnders spoilers: The Thames boat tragedy left fans puzzled (Image: BBC)

Not only that, the timings of each incident baffled several viewers, and even claimed characters had been teleported from place to location.

The most notable example of this happened as Ian and Dennis were rescued from the sea.

BBC drama fans took on the idea that Ian was already receiving treatment in hospital before Dennis was even declared dead on the scene.

The other mishap occurred as members of the boat party were rushed to the same facility where Sharon was in Albert Square when she gave birth

EastEnders spoilers: Ian and Dennis try to escape the water (Image: BBC)​

EastEnders spoilers: Ian was pulled out of the water at the same time as Dennis (Image: BBC)​

Sharon wasn't the only Square resident in the Walford hospital as Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) also received treatment after being attacked in an Islamophobic attack.

But the duo was soon joined in the same hospital by Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) and a drenched Ian.

With the boat party taking place in central London on the River Thames for Canary Wharf in plain sight, certainly, they wouldn't be whisked off to Walford?

Soap lovers who immediately took to social media to vent their grievances did not go unnoticed of the mistake.

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