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EastEnders spoilers: Drowning Jack Branning in an effort to save iconic character?

Members of EASTENDERS are prepared for a week of drama as the show marks its 35th anniversary, but in the coming days, one character must perish. Who is going to meet his end? Is it Jack Branning?

Since Linda (played by Kellie Bright) and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) received a' Best Bar' trophy, the Queen Vic celebratory yacht party gets underway in the forthcoming scenes. A famous character is going to die but nobody knows who yet. Events are going to take a dramatic turn when the Captain declares onboard an accident-did he finds a body?Albert Square is still recovering from a traumatic Christmas which saw Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) hit by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) when a sordid tale to Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) was revealed to have occurred.

Yet there is even more tension on the way in upcoming scenes as one iconic character prepares to leave the series for good. The boat party will kick off tomorrow night, but when the Captain promptly tells them all that there has been a horrific on-board crash, confusion will quickly follow.

As the residents of Albert Square struggle to come to terms with what has happened, things will go from bad to worse and one of them won't make it through to morning. Spectators were stunned on Friday as Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) shot Leo King (Tom Wells) in the heart rendering him dead in her kitchen. Whitney is relying on Mick to help her get rid of her body in a desperate bid, but is he going to help her? In a recent BBC manager teaser trailer, Mick can be seen telling Whitney that he "can't do this" but what does he mean? The two of them had a sordid liaison years ago, but after calling him their confidant, is She looking to start things up again? New pictures depict the moment the people are notified the accident has happened, but someone may already be gone. Over the last few months, Linda has worked to manage her debilitating alcohol addiction.

Last week, despite admitting he can't help her anymore, Mick eventually had his wife giving up and sign their divorce papers. 

But if Mick is too busy at the boat party with Whitney, is Linda going to be left to fight for herself or will someone else come to her rescue?

At the gathering, Linda and Mick get into a battle while she continues to fight her alcohol addiction, but if she gets too intoxicated, Linda could end up overboard. 

The teaser pictures show the front and middle of Jack Branning (Scott Marsen) implying that he might be about to take a much larger role in the anniversary than fans would first have expected. 


Was Jack going to drown attempting to save a poor Linda from drowning in the Thames?

How long will it take for the team and tenants to know that he's dead and Linda will be sober enough to save him?

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