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EastEnders spoilers: In the midst of Bobby’s OCD battle, Dana and Bobby reconnect.

In EastEnders, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) was distraught when Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) ended their developing romance due to a misfire.

Dana has developed feelings for Bobby, even considering the fact that he murdered his own sister years ago but has now changed his ways.

Harvey (Ross Boatman), her father, was initially opposed, but Bobby had managed to persuade him – until he stood by and watched in horror as she was brutally attacked by an Islamophobic gang.

Harvey wanted Dana near by, so he enlisted Bobby’s help to persuade her not to go to university, citing Bobby’s previous betrayal as leverage.

Dana, however, saw right through it and, angry that Bobby was prepared to be her father’s stooge, she abruptly dumped him.

Bobby has been longing for his long-lost love ever since, and his OCD symptoms have begun to flare up again.

Dana, on the other hand, has begun to warm up to her ex, and it’s apparent that they still have a strong bond.

As a worried Dana looks on, Bobby is compulsively cleaning the kitchen. They decide to get back together after talking about everything.

Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) returns from her vacation, sees that they’ve rejoined, and vows to speak with Harvey and persuade him to join them.

What will his reaction be? He’ll soon be dealing with his own issues…

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