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EastEnders SPOILERS: Jean exposes Suki’s cancer lies

Next week, uki Panesar will be presented with her cancer ' diagnosis,' and EastEnders fans will definitely be pleased that her lies are starting to catch up with her.

And who better to act on her fears than Jean Slater, who recently got her all-clear herself-just days before the sickness stole Daniel Cook's "love of her life."

Jean must act on her fears in upcoming scenes as she challenges so-called friend Suki over a series of inaccuracies in her ' care.'

Since Suki appeared in Walford, viewers have been suspecting that she is lying about cancer.

In January Suki, Kheerat's girlfriend, Jags, Vinny, and Ash Panesar were introduced to soap fans.

Cynical observers expected that the outsider lied about her disease and speculated that she use it to exploit her family.

Only days later, it became apparent that Suki WAS was misleading and using it as a tool for manipulating her adult children.

She was seen injecting Jean into her apparently worried with details about her own cancer battle.

But it soon became apparent that Suki lied as she asked her kids about her own health problems.

They were word for word what she had told Jean to believe in her, so her family ate her lies because of that.

Lies from Suki start attracting more and more publicity next week-with her relatives and Jean suspecting something is seriously wrong.

After she recently told them she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the Panesar siblings are left with suspicions of their own about their mum's disease.

However, as Suki's arguments don't seem to add up, Jean gets puzzled.

Suki claims she has two physicians while learning very little about her current diagnosis as well.

Jean recognizes the dark side of Suki when approached with her, and is given a warning…

Incapable of sustaining itself, in Queen Vic, Jean openly accuses Suki of lying about her cancer to her baby.

While the allegations horrify Suki's relatives, it is clear that Kheerat and Ash think Jean's words that contain any facts.

Will Ash and Kheerat face their mum? And Jean will regret causing trouble?

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