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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell In Deadly Twist To Attack Phil?

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks in Walford, and it looks only likely to start in the coming week when Phil makes his long-awaited return to the square in the same week as Dennis Rickman’s funeral. Phil’s strangled wife also claims he’s been blamed for his murder, ensuring a tense face-to-face encounter next week will be on the cards.

Phil would be pushed down as Sharon thinks he’s sorry for the death of Dennis so will he charm his way out of the situation? Viewers also think there might be a drastic departure this week for Phil, because Sharon may be about to let her sadness take control here

Spoilers for EastEnders: Sharon Confirmed That Phil was liable.

Sharon was informed shortly after coming home after giving birth to her infant baby, that Phil was liable for the death of Dennis. Karen Taylor explained to her how Keanu Taylor’s outburst at Phil was the cause for the sinking of the plane. No one really understands, however, that it wasn’t necessarily the responsibility of Phil, because Ian Beale seems far more embarrassed than Sharon’s husband who is estranged.

Ian trapped Dennis in the cellar to teach him a lesson to threaten his own friend but was powerless to rescue him when the boat started sinking. The mystery doesn’t seem like it’s likely to be exposed for a couple more months yet, ensuring Phil may continue to work his way out of a precarious spot.

Spoilers for EastEnders: Sharon Destroy Phil?

Sharon will be angry when he arrives next week to visit Phil, so she can only become more annoyed because he constantly tries to speak to her. When he thinks things are going to intensify, Ian will contact Phil’s officers, but Phil will get his face-to-face encounter later in the week.

Yet, is Sharon going to be able to be cool while she is in charge of Phil, or is there going to be a surprise tragedy on the table for Phil and Sharon is putting the law into her own hand? Fans ought to keep tuning this week to see how it works out

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