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EastEnders’ Tiffany Butcher to reach breaking point over Keegan Baker’s behaviour

EastEnders teen Tiffany hits breaking point next week over the actions of her husband Keegan Baker.

Recent episodes have seen Keegan (Zack Morris) become ever more upset by a number of police injustices he has encountered.

After a loan appointment in next week's scenes, Keegan will get further riled, and a subsequent conversation with Denise only dampens his spirits even more.

When the young sister of Keegan, Bailey, asks for his help with a school project, it is clear that he has other things in mind.

The reason for Keegan's distracted behavior becomes clear when he later lashes out at Mitch for not being more honest with Bailey about what major challenges she may mouth.

Although Mitch is relieved when his son finally apologizes for his outburst, it is not long until Keegan launches into a tirade and insists that Bailey be made aware of it.

Unsurprisingly, Keegan's continuing struggles also have a tremendous impact on his new wife Tiffany, who is about how to support him at the end of her tether.

Tiffany is seeking advice from Callum at a loss over what to do when she confides in him about her recent issues with Keegan.

 Even though Callum does his best to support Tiffany, towards the end of the week she is at breaking point. Might her marriage to Keegan already be in trouble?

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