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EastEndersSpoilers:Lola Pearce shocks Jay Brown by revealing that she is pregnant.

Lola Pearce dropped a bomb on Jay Brown in EastEnders that she is pregnant.
The BBC soap has previously confirmed that Jay (Jamie Borthwick) would be shocked by life-changing headlines in the Thursday (March 5) episode — and that was no exaggeration
Jay tried to cheer up Lexi (Isabella Brown) by planning a family day after Dennis Rickman's tragic death, but he was very shocked when Lola went down the stairs to reveal her pregnancy.
When Lola wondered how she could get pregnant when taking control of her pregnancy, Jay was overjoyed by the thought of becoming a dad.
"Oh, you're pregnant," Jay said with a big smile.

"I love Lexi, and she's the thing that has ever happened to me, but I never imagined… well, I never thought I'd have another child at least not yet," Lola admitted.
Jay hugged Lola close to celebrate the big news, but she seemed deeply confused about whether she is ready to be a mother again or not.
With a couple on very different pages about their futures, the visible Jay is set to take another big step in their relationship during Friday's hour-long episode (March 6). Jay is going to try to strengthen the future of the couple by planning to propose Lola after receiving a supportive word from Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick). It remains to be seen how Lola is going to react to her boyfriend by asking the question.

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