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Emmerdale double exit as fans ‘work out’ Samson Dingle’s killer plan

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Following Thursday night’s hour-long special, Emmerdale viewers speculate that Samson Dingle might be back to his old tricks.

Amelia Spencer, a new mother in Emmerdale, who is portrayed by Daisy Campbell, was devastated to learn that Samson Dingle, the father of her daughter Esther, didn’t want anything to do with her. Fortunately for the youngster, Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) stepped up and assumed the role of the baby’s adoring father.

He has even put some money into a trust fund for the infant to use as she gets older.

In the episode that aired on Thursday night, however, sharp-eyed Samson abruptly changed his mind after learning about the money.

And many of his followers believe he’ll pull a shady prank to get the cash.

He might even turn to murder, according to one viewer.

Samson listened in while he waited for a coffee as Noah and Amelia celebrated the good news in the cafe.

You said that this was a family celebration, and I was just commenting on how things had turned out, Brenda said as she talked to Noah, Amelia, and her father Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

Dad, Brenda’s got a point, Amelia said.

Dan apologized to Noah, “I should never have tried to split you and Amelia up because you’ve gotten good, son.

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“All is well, said Noah. “Water under the bridge,” someone said.

They seem happy, Samson thought as he walked up to the counter.

Because they have a reason to rejoice, don’t they? She answered “Most likely, you’ve been in the dark.

Noah will open an account for Esther with the trust fund that he has been given.

Is it very valuable? Brenda slipped, and Samson said, “It’s not to be sniffed at apparently.”

Many people who commented on the plot on social media believe Samson will attempt to obtain the money in some way.

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The village may face a double exit if he does decide to kill for the money.

@stevebethere predicted that “another murder is on the way #emmerdale.”

Samson is about to do something monumentally sleazy, according to user @macnamara60.

@unsworth1live added: “Samson eyeing up Esther’s upcoming trust fund?” as Kathleen uttered: “Samson…horror #emmerdale.”

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Is he trying to get at Noah because it feels like he is completely taking over, Nat retorted? (sic)

SJ Sampson added another theory, “No, he has just learned about the money and will offer to sell him the baby.

Mike pointed out: “Samson is only concerned with the funds that Noah is depositing in Esther’s bank. Not interested in #Emmerdale’s infant.”

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