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Monday, December 11, 2023

Emmerdale exit as fans plead with soap to get rid of ‘irritating’ character

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On Friday night, viewers had a strong reaction to Emmerdale, and many expressed their displeasure with the storylines involving Naomi Walters and Chloe Harris.
As Alex Moore (played by Liam Boyle) began to reveal his true colors following his threat to his ex Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) at the conclusion of the ITV episode, Emmerdale was filled with drama on Friday night. Dawn was warned by Alex to keep away from him and to refrain from discussing his past with Naomi Walters (Karene Peters), his girlfriend. Naomi, fortunately for him, didn’t buy a word Dawn said.

Dawn and Naomi got into a fight in the bar over Alex, which caused Dawn to leave.

Naomi yelled, “You better not be here to disparage Alex once more.”

Dawn responded: “Actually, I’m meeting my father; it’s none of your business. Less attitude and half a lager.”

Can’t you find a different place to get a drink? Noami enquired as she made fun of Dawn.

Angry at dawn “Why due to your extraordinarily high standards. You are unaware of his personality.”

“You keep talking about what he is like, you have conveniently forgotten that you were right there with him, taking the same drugs, living the same life…just as bad,” Noami said while remaining firm.

Dawn told Naomi that she was attempting to assist Naomi but that the chef wasn’t having any of it.

Meanwhile, Chloe Harris, the mother of Mackenzie Boyd’s child, was threatened by Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) (Jessie Elland).

The child threatened to reveal their liaison if Mack didn’t leave her alone after beseeching Chloe to return to Scotland.

After the episode, viewers took to social media to express their opinions. Many of them pleaded with the soap opera to get rid of a few characters because they were tired of their plotlines.

Others have labeled Noami as “unlikable,” while others want Mack and Chloe to leave the village.

@birty4306, a Twitter user, yelled: “Really dislikeable Naomi. She has only been here five minutes, but already feels in charge. When Shan gets her just desserts in #emmerdale, she won’t regret it.” (sic)

In addition, @karmacomesback said: “Samson or Naomi, I’m not sure which annoys me more. Who will receive a severe karma slap first? #emmerdale Xx “

Get away from Chloe and Amy, @JordanPhelps21 pleaded, “#Emmerdale.”

“Get lost Mack!! #Emmerdale,” echoed @memesEmmerdale.
Naomi, please get rid of me, argued @mightycedar on Emmerdale.

Alan expressed his displeasure with the storyline involving Mack and Chloe, saying, “Stop boring us all with the Mack storyline, end this s*** #Emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale ah ffs nooooo not more Chloe,” wrote Chris1968E in a tweet. (sic)

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