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Emmerdale fans in uproar over Vanessa pool table blunder during drunken meltdown

In tonight’s episode, Emmerdale fans couldn’t wrap their heads around one plotline when Vanessa and Rhona headed to the boozer for some ill-advised birthday drinks. Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads tonight when Vanessa Woodfield won a pool game.
The vet, who is currently undergoing cancer chemotherapy, wanted to let her hair down and celebrate the best Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) birthday. Vanessa’s (Michelle Hardwick) face lit up at a bar from her college years as she noticed that the original pool table remained in the corner of the joint.

A college student named Josh challenged her to a contest, with the two placing the stakes on the table. Sinking pints throughout the competition, Vanessa succeeded in winning the game as she knocked into the net one of the red balls. However, some eagle-eyed spectators noticed that the black ball still on the table, making it difficult for Vanessa to win the contest.

One chimed: “Don’t you suppose to pot the black to win a pool game?”A second added:” So potting a ball instantly wins her the game? … don’t think that’s the rules. “While a third agreed:” How did the f * * * win, there’s a yellow and red and a black on the table?”On # Emmerdale, some bird just won a pool game without potting the black. Rhona began to panic after the winning pool game, as Vanessa declined to go home. Instead, she got caught up with Josh in a screaming match after cruelly poked fun at her colostomy bag.

The economics student began to complain about his college fees, prompting Vanessa to reply: “Do you hear that? It’s the smallest violin in the world.” You’re all so full of it, making your plans for the future. I think she’s keeping her drug stash in that little bag. “Vanessa hurled a drink in his face and making her point loud and clear before storming out.


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