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Emmerdale Vanessa’s sad fate ‘exposed’ as she drops cancer bombshell on Charity

Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield is scared she’s going to die as she starts cancer treatment-but actress Michelle Hardwick has been told what’s going to happen to her character.

Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) is set to undergo cancer treatment shortly after she’s learned she has stage three bowel cancer.

Emmerdale’s spoilers have indicated that Vanessa is on a tough journey, and she’s terrified that she’s going to die from a tragic disease after starting her will.

But actress Michelle has confirmed that she knows what the result of Vanessa’s plot will be and whether Vanessa is going to survive or die. She said, “I’m not going to say the way it goes, so I was told straight away. As soon as [Emmerdale’s boss] Jane Hudson brought me up, and she told me the storyline and the outcome.”

I didn’t even have time to talk about it one way or the other. As soon as I was given the script, I was told the result.”It wasn’t a case of ‘here’s the story, yet we don’t know yet.'”So I’ve already known what’s going on with the plot, yet my lips are sealed…”Is Vanessa going to lose her harrowing cancer battle? Meanwhile, her treatment might place a wedge between herself and the girlfriend Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), who has been struggling to deal with the news.

Charity is left devastated after Vanessa tells her that she needs to go through treatment by herself, so she doesn’t want her there.

It comes when Vanessa’s son, Moses, falls into the day and asks her mother to stay at home and look after him, insisting that she’ll be found to attend the treatment alone.

Things take a dark turn, though, when Kerry Wyatt sees Vanessa getting her chemo, and tries to keep her company.

Charity shows up when Kerry and Vanessa chat, and she’s livid when she sees the pair together, thinking Vanessa really didn’t want her out there. Afterward, the pair has a blazing argument, and Vanessa drops a bomb on Charity about her cancer and treatment.
But what is it?

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