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Emmerdale:Is Tracy Metcalfe in Emmerdale pregnant?

The shop aide is currently dating Nate Robinson – yet would she say she is pregnant once more? 

Is Tracy in Emmerdale pregnant? 

Tracy has had a considerable amount of sentiments on Emmerdale, most as of late cozying up with Nate Robinson. Prior to her new indulgence, she revived her sentiment with rancher Pete Barton after the pair conceded they despite everything had affections for each other. The pair had developed close after her father's passing from the blast at the Sharma industrial facility a year ago. In any case, the reviled lovebird's relationship was over before it begun, with Tracy proceeding onward to Pete's colleague Nate. Nonetheless, there's no expression of her being pregnant with either Pete or Nate's child, and fans should check out observe whether her new relationship goes down that course. Tracy's marriage with David finished on terrible terms after he undermined her in Emmerdale 

Who plays Tracy Metcalfe in Emmerdale? 

Tracy is played by English entertainer Amy Walsh. The 32-year-old star is the most youthful of three multi-gifted youngsters. Her oldest sister Sally was the first of the Walsh family to wander into soapland and showed up as Lyn Hutchinson in Emmerdale from 1997 to 2000. Her other sister is Girls Aloud artist Kimberley Walsh. Amy first showed up as Tracy in Emmerdale in July 2014 when she was presented as Sam Dingle's adoration intrigue. She has since been associated with a few hard-hitting storylines including prostitution and coercion. 

Has Tracy been pregnant before in Emmerdale? 

In 2018, Tracy found that she was a month and a half pregnant with her ex David's child. Dr. Cavanagh broke medicinal privacy by informing David concerning the pregnancy trying to give just desserts to him for laying down with his significant other Maya. David was thrilled at the updates on the infant, asking Tracy to get back with him. He stated: "We were never meant to split, we were supposed to be as one. This is a wonder, it's a sign." In any case, Tracy at that point dropped the stunner that she'd just had a premature birth as retribution for David's swindling ways during their marriage – which she had finished in the wake of finding he'd laid down with previous fire Leyla.

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