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Fans of Coronation Street spotted a major blunder, as Robert Preston had no funeral seven weeks after his death.

Crowning ordinance Street fans detected a significant screw up as Robert Preston still hasn't had a memorial service seven weeks after his passing. Robert was one of the three-shot by Derek Milligan after he went on a weapon toting frenzy across Weatherfield Be that as it may, it shows up supervisors have overlooked the entire dramatization as he despite everything hasn't had an on-screen memorial service. Fans are befuddled about the exclusion, with one individual saying: "I feel like with him being a serious enormous piece of the show for the most recent few years that it's unusual to see that individuals on the road haven't generally been influenced by his passing such a lot or referenced him that much is somewhat peculiar. "The road was gradually fretted over Michelle, which I feel left behind. Any other individual thinks he merited a superior send-off?" Another additional: "We have not seen the burial service, it is a disgrace.I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have seen the last goodbyes from Vicky, Tyler, Ryan, Ali. Tracey and even Michelle. Such an enormous storyline went out on a whine."

A third said: "Tracy tried to add his passing to her explanation of why she undermined Steve, but that's about it as far as any grief for Robert was concerned. He was adequately eradicated from the bistro's offer"Robert's exit from the cleanser came toward the finish of a few major storylines. His issue with Vicky was uncovered by life partner Michelle, who left him at the raised area in the wake of persuading him to give his half of the bistro up to him. At that point on Christmas Day catastrophe struck when Robert was gunned down while strolling back to the Rovers to meet Michelle.

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