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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation Tackle Questions On Trina’s Family, Fans Wonder Who Her Mother Is

This past week, fans of General Hospital were treated with an intriguing shocker when it was revealed that Trina is Taggert's daughter. Viewers have been speculating for a while now about Trina's parents and this revelation has prompted a new round of theories. The series has yet to announce who Trina's mother is at this stage and there are a few theories on social media making the rounds.

Since months now, the idea that Trina is linked to someone else on the Port Charles canvas has been building. Once Aunt Stella's DNA test showed a similarity to someone in town, Trina immediately came to mind. Furthermore, Trina herself told her friends not long ago that she had taken a DNA test for a school project and matched somebody in Port Charles.

Such tidbits sparked a lot of fan talk and that writers at the General Hospital will shake things up by making Trina turn out to be the daughter of Curtis. While that might still be the case, and there were plenty of signs that would happen, this Taggert discovery seems to drive us down a different path.

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Whether Trina is indeed Taggert's daughter legally, then a new crop of concerns would emerge. Perhaps the largest is in regard to the mother of Trina. Who is the mother of Trina and is she now revealed to viewers?

Trina being Taggert's daughter still leaves questions about that DNA storyline, as some fans of the General Hospital note. Did writers abandon that or is it the next chapter to reveal the family background of Trina?

"Taggert is Trina's boyfriend and she seems to understand him. So it still doesn't explain who the relative in the city with whom she matched is, "one General Hospital viewer notes.

One hypothesis that quickly got momentum is that Trina turned out to be the daughter of Jordan. Granted, Curtis asked his wife if this was the case, as SheKnows Soaps reports, and she maintained that Trina is not her baby. She claims she'd never been romantically involved with Taggert.

Even if Taggert and Jordan are not Trina's mother, some fans at the General Hospital wonder if it might turn out Trina is Jordan's father and Cyrus ' dad, but there's an intricate tale covering it up and keeping her safe.

The suggestion that Trina could be the shock daughter of Gia Campbell and Nikolas Cassadine has also been thrown out by some General Hospital viewers over the months. It just happens that Gia is Taggert's girlfriend, so some wonder if the choice for Gia and Nik might still be in reach.

"Taggert may not be a bio-dad to Trina. With either Zander or Nikolas, she could be Gia's aunt. Or perhaps Stella Taggert's bio mom and Trina's grandmother,' speculated one fan.

Although followers of the General Hospital may not realize who the mother of Trina is yet, many believe that the Taggert announcement is just the beginning of the arrival of an even juicier transformation. Could Taggert end up being related to Stella, which would also make him linked to Curtis?

< p style=”text-align:center”> Was Trina's mother someone ordinary, someone old-school like Dara Jensen or somebody related to the series and shocking at the moment? Spoilers at the General Hospital don't detail when this mystery will be answered, but fans are sure to be curious to see where that heads.

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