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Home and Away legend Stephen Peacocke shares huge news

He’s one of the most sought after television stars in Australia, but Stephen Peacocke always has Hollywood in his sights. In reality, once shooting wrapped on the second series of Five Bedrooms, he had gone right back to LA.

That’s why the coronavirus jumped in and the preparations collapsed. Filming on the Network Ten drama’s second season has had to be delayed for cast and crew safety. Stephen, co-star Kat Stewart and the rest of the cast of the Five Bedrooms were sent home before the situation had ended and shooting could resume.

So Stephen and his female wife Bridgette Sneddon are both calling Australia home right now.

“I’ve just taken the view that if the job is successful and I’m lucky enough to have it I’ll work anywhere,” says Stephen, 38. “I was so fortunate I was able to schedule all my Australian projects within six months. When I’ve done, I’m going back to LA. “Stephen’s new role is in the two-part thriller of Nine Network, Informer 3838, and it’s a departure from the roles he’d played earlier as it’s based on a real individual — the former drug squad officer Paul Dale.

Stephen was reading the story of the ex-policeman to brace himself for playing Paul. “He’s a complex character,” says Paul Stephen. Stephen says his work on shows like Five Bedrooms and Channel Seven’s Wanted has allowed audiences to look past the part that made him popular – Home and River Boy Brax from Away.

“I guess I’ve actually changed my view of being a tattooed heroin dealer because I took on other positions,” he laughs playing Brax.

“But I was never capable of all of that. I’m happy to have a career and to have met an audience who would like to see me.

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