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Home And Away sam Frost reveals her at-home workouts

If she is bikini-clad on Summer Bay’s Home And Away set, or stripping off on All New Monty, Sam Frost still looks fantastic.

However, the impressive body and self-confidence of the 31-year-old was not a pleasant journey.
The actress recently revealed that she had undergone a “change” inside herself in the last year after spending “shamed and awkward” most of her 20s feelings.

“I’m not sure if it’s because I’m single again, or if it’s because I’m in my thirties because I’m tired of apologizing for who I’m. Maybe it’s because 2020 was a total jerk of a year? I don’t know why all I know … I’ve changed,” Sam clarified.

Sam explained that after a long struggle with her self-esteem, she had changed her life around, starting with a change in emphasis on her well-being.

“I signed up to a gym and took baby steps getting back into shape. I have always been healthy but never committed. It began with two hours a week, then I worked my way up from up there. Now a year later, I happily go to the gym 4-5 days a week and I see a personal trainer twice a week. I am doing pretty good mentally and physically,” she said.

If you’re curious about how Sam gets her physique and stays fit, the actress took to Instagram to post her fitness workouts at home over the weekend.

We’ve rounded them up below, to make it much simpler.

Workout booty
4 Sets of:
20x Runs in Squat
20x Glute Bridges, weighing
12x step-ups on a chair with dumbbell (each leg)
12x Kicks on donkeys (each leg)
12x Single leg deadlift (each leg) with a dumbbell

Key preparation
4 Sets of:
12x Side Bends kettlebell (each hand)
12x Plank with a kettlebell fall through
30x Turns Russian with a medicine ball
12x Sit-ups, and a medicine ball
12x Hand-to-Foot Pass with Training Ball

Sam wants to keep her strength and wellbeing high by working out whatever she can in a general workout.
“I’m going to go for a walk or go to the gym anytime I see holes in my day because for me every day is different. It’s still crazy and noisy so I enjoy it. My life varies by the minute,” Sam told Who recently.

“My friends are used to me, being all over the place. They’re great and so sweet – they realize that even in half an hour, my timing is everywhere.”

“I strive to do 20 minutes of exercise every day but I do it every second day, actually,” she announced in 2018.

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