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Home and Away spoiler: Felicity breaks her silence

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Felicity is obstinate and sashays into work, and Mackenzie can’t win with her. Mackenzie is unable to let Felicity to bring Salt down with her because of the way she acts erratically, which is harming Salt’s business.

To avoid his broken heart, Tane concentrates on his work. In an effort to reconnect the pair, Nikau goes too far. But Tane’s attempts at reconciliation get him into trouble because Felicity holds him responsible for everything.

Felicity breaks out in despair when Cash takes alcohol out of her possession to help her get sober. The only thing keeping her from remembering her horrible experiences is drinking. Cash comforts his upset sister in his arms as he shows compassion.

People like them don’t get to be happy, Felicity tells her brother, revealing her nihilistic philosophy. They have been cursed ever since their parents passed away. Cash feels devastated for his sister and questions whether she might be correct.

Ava, meantime, thinks that since she has gotten involved in his life, Justin is only interested in becoming a father. But all Justin wants to know is why Ava abandoned her house. Is there a connection to her internet boyfriend? Ava keeps her feelings about Justin to herself and won’t share them. Ava, who is hurt, believes Justin is threatening to send her back to her mother’s house.

Ava is brittle and can only be reached by Theo, yet she is happy to realize that he cares for her. Ava becomes more and more fixated on Theo as he pursues her. Unaware, Theo believes he is acting in a brotherly manner of support. But does Theo invite trouble?

But he struggles to get through to her.

She starts to see her loved ones as the enemy.

She loses patience.

She doesn’t see a future for them.

Is it really all over?

Their romance is going well.

They’ve faced some hurdles in recent weeks.

Rose considers taking things to the next level.

They decide to head into Mali’s caravan.

Things are hotting up between the couple.

This is the first time she has trusted a guy since Tex cruelly used her last year.

But things are about to take an unexpected turn.

She’s hit by a wave of panic.

She pushes Mali away, saying she can’t do this.

The memories of Tex’s behaviour prove to be too much.

He fears it could be the end for him and Rose.

She has noticed that Izzy is fussy and unusually warm.

She trusts her instincts as a mother and puts her foot down.

Izzy’s tests have come back clear and it’s probably a mild case of gastro.

He then worries when Ziggy becomes paranoid about keeping germs away from baby Izzy. 

He gets checked out after being hit on the head by a surfboard.

A year ago, he was being treated for cancer.

His blood tests come back abnormal, suggesting that the cancer could be back.

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