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Home And Away Spoiler:Jasmine Leaves Summer Bay.

Home and Away have suggested that after the sad death in Summer Bay, Jasmine Delaney may have to move home.
Now Jasmine has grieved after her husband Robbo Shaw lost his life after a horrific road accident.
The last scenes of Robbo screened in Australia in the 2020 season premiere, followed by the tragic aftermath over the past few days.

Monday's show on Channel 7 in Australia saw a depressed Jasmine know she was no longer able to stay in the pier flat.
Jasmine lost her temper as she overheard another fight between her family and her siblings Colby Thorne and Bella Nixon.
Annoyed by the couple rowing so long after the death of Robbo, Jasmine sternly reminded them how grateful they were to have each other.
A humiliated Colby then promised to cut off the pettiness, but Jasmine shocked him by insisting that a more significant problem existed, and she would have to settle out.

Jasmine clarified that living in the house she used to share with Robbo, which now holds too many memories, and it is tough for me to live in this house.
Later this week, despite protests from Colby that she should stay, Jasmine start packing her things and prepare to leave the place. But where is she going to end in now?

Jake Ryan, who played Robbo, talked publicly of his character's decision to kill off as his time on the show ended."It's sad to leave because my time there has been finished," Jake told TV Week. "We have made such a great storyline for Robbo, and there wasn't much else to do with him. You want to go out on a high while you can." I'm going to miss them all so much. It has been an excellent ride. But you've got to know when to call it with characters, and I was so happy with the plots I had.

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