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Home and Away Spoilers: shocking update on Leah.

Home and Away 5 Huge Spoilers.

There’s a shocking update on Leah

Home and Away CHANNEL 5

Leah’s loved ones remain baffled by her sudden disappearance, especially when her blog has begun to be updated again. Justin obsessively searches the website for more updates and is shocked that a recent article promises an “exciting announcement.” When the big news eventually comes, Justin is surprised to see a new picture of a radiant Leah wearing a ring of engagement. It seems that Leah has become involved with another guy, but it may not be as it seems.

Leah speaks to the police

Home and Away CHANNEL 5

Justin gives the latest information to the police, who will spend the next few hours investigating. When they get back to Justin, they mention they’ve talked to Leah over the phone, and she insists she’s okay. She informed the authorities that she had left Justin by choice and would not return to the Bay. Showing the typical incompetence of the soap police, the team wants to leave rather than personally give her a call and ensure if she’s all right. Justin refuses to give up too quickly and makes a post on Leah’s web site, pledging never to give up his lookup until he hears directly from her that she’s all right.

Marilyn and John clash over the Parata family

Home and Away CHANNEL 5

After being evicted from the local motel, the Paratas are forced to spend the night sleeping rough in their car. Their condition becomes public knowledge when Nikau and Ari use a public bathroom to clean themselves and wash their teeth, much to John’s irritation. Marilyn decided to let the Paratas stay with her before they were back on their feet, and Gemma lost her pride and took her to the offer. John gets upset when he sees a family in his living room and complains about Marilyn making such a massive decision without talking to him first. John’s frustration causes Ari to drive out to reside in a caravan, while Gemma and Nikau remain in Palmer’s house.

Roo offers help to Nikau



In Home and away. Roo is still in a generous mood when it comes to the Parata family, seeing Nikau as something she can help with. After learning about the troubles of the new family, Roo asks Nikau to do some heavy lifting at the bait shop for her. Roo thanks Nikau for his hard work and, on a casual basis, gives him more errands at the bait shop. Nikau couldn’t be more pleased that he played a part in changing his family’s fortunes around.

Mackenzie has a disastrous date


Mackenzie organizes a blind date as she attempts to move on from Colby for good, but she’s in for a nasty shock when her ex-boyfriend Jason is the man who turns up. Jason’s goal is to extort money from Mackenzie, threatening to expose some of her past misdeeds before she pays for his silence. Dean is teaming up with Colby, who shows up in a police uniform, to scare off Jason. Mackenzie is grateful but mortified that Colby is the one who had to come to her rescue from a struggling ex.

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