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Home and Away spoilers: Who survives as Chloe and Ryder’s food truck explodes?

Chloe (Sam Barratt) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) have been hard at work on their food truck company, which is proving to be a hit in the Bay Area.

This good fortune, however, will not last long, as frightening following scenes show that the truck will unexpectedly explode, hurting a number of Summer Bay favourites.

It’s a peaceful morning, with just Jasmine (Sam Frost) passing by on her way home after a run and Chloe getting the food in the truck started. Ryder is on his way to start the day’s job, but everything is disrupted when the truck is suddenly engulfed in flames, resulting in a massive explosion that knocks everyone in the vicinity to the ground.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) arrives on the scene with a fire extinguisher and quickly begins sorting through the chaos. Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Jasmine were knocked down but appeared to be unharmed, rising up and assisting everyone. Meanwhile, Bella (Courtney Miller) is caring for Emmett (JR Reyne), who is suffering from an eye injury.

Ryder is frantically looking for Chloe and is shocked to find her behind some wreckage with shrapnel protruding from her belly. Jasmine acts quickly to stop her from bleeding out, and she is transported to the hospital.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) hurry into the hospital after learning that Chloe is under surgery.

While Mia vents her rage on Ryder, blaming him for the tragedy, Jasmine is on the scene helping to other wounded when she falls…

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