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Home And Away Spoiler:Trouble ahead for the popular Summer Bay couple.

Home and Away have warned that in Australian episodes next week, John Palmer's marriage to Marilyn Chambers will come under risk. New teaser previews have confirmed that the famous pair will have more tension ahead as the new season for 2020 begins. Viewers last watched Marilyn deal with post-traumatic stress after her involvement in the horrific siege of the hospital. Initially, Marilyn will bother John by continuing to invite newcomer Ari Parata to Summer Bay, setting the stage for more problems to follow.
Meanwhile, as Mackenzie tries to move on from Colby Thorne once and for all, She will be looking for love, but will she reconsider her decision to go on a blind date after joining an app?

Episode 7285 

Justin finds the way how he can bring joy to Ziggy and Ryder. The relationship between Marilyn and Ari gets under John's skin. In an attempt to move on, Mackenzie takes a leap of faith. (Australian Airdate: March 27, February 17)

Episode 7286

 Roo succeeds in doing good deeds and enjoying her last day of holidays. The Paratas have got to swallow their pride. Blind date for Mackenzie is not what she had expected. The worst of John's nightmare come to life. (Australian Airdate: March 30, February 18)

Episode 7287

 The Paratas are struggling to put a roof over their heads. Marilyn and John's relationship is in danger. May be Dean is the one who can help  Mackenzie? (U.K. airdate: March 31. Australian airdate: February 19)

Episode 7288 

Dean sends Ziggy an invitation. Bella is beginning to accept her counseling needs. Jasmine appears to grieve about Robbo. (Australian Airdate: April 1. February 20.)

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