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How Home and Away actress Ada Nicodemou got happiness after heartache.

Not many actors would claim that they have been continuously working for two decades, without a pause. Still, then not many actors were as much appreciated by the public as bubbly Ada Nicodemou."When I was asked to come to the show for the first time, I thought I was going to be here for three months, and that's all I felt I could do," she says about taking the job back in 2000 on Home and Away.
The actress was far off as far as expectations went. Next month marks the twentieth year that Nicodemo played Summer Bay nice girl Leah Patterson-Baker, and it was evident that at some point, their lives would begin to intertwine.

"I think she is an independent, strong woman who's been through so much trouble in life," "It applies to a part of me."
As one of the longest-standing residents of Summer Bay, Leah has been through a lot-from her first love Vinnie going to jail and eventually dying, to the arrest, divorce, and even a coma of her second husband, Dan.

It's certainly a lot of drama than Nicodemou had signed up for as a 21-year-old when she just finished her appearance as Katerina Ioannou on Heartbreak High. She's also seen other co-stars come and go in that time, including warning Chris Hemsworth not to grab his dreams before trying out his luck in LA! Yet Nicodemou admits she has "never had that burning desire to go to Hollywood," and the fast-paced essence of working on one of the country's most popular soaps continues to challenge her.

"It's a stable career, and you get vacations, you deal with great people, you practice your craft every day," she tells the magazine Stellar.
"I'm sorry, but it's pretty good! It's the best-kept secret for the profession. I could see myself forever on Home and Away."
One of those "horrible times" happened in 2014, when eight-month-old Nicodemou's second son, Harrison, was stillborn. Understandably, it's still tough for the actress to think about it without choking up."My confident attitude has been checked in the last five years. It will never be the same again; there will be a whole in your heart," "We'll always remember the kid and what it might have been like."Another casualty of this tragedy was her nine-year marriage to Chrys Xipolitas. Separated by grief, the couple split a year after they lost their child.

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