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Ken Barlow leaves Coronation Street after 10,000th episode?

The Corrie legend has settled on the terrible choice to leave the cobbles. Many Coronation Street fans were stunned today to see Weather field symbol Ken Barlow settle on the lamentable choice to leave the cobbles for pastures new. After much soul-looking, Ken, played by William Roache, chose the opportunity has arrived to leave number One Coronation Street, which has been his home for an amazing majority.Just before the credits moved on the verifiable 10,000th scene of the world's longest-running cleanser, the character who was in the absolute first scene in 1960, say goodbye to an affectionate to his 'old companion' the cobbles to move away with sweetheart Claudia Colby. In any case, fans are consoled this isn't the final appearance ever to be made by him, as the Weather field patriarch isn't leaving the show. Ken will move out of number one and away from the road, yet future scenes will follow Ken and Claudia's new life at Still Waters Luxury retirement complex. Back in Weather field his child Peter and embraced girl Tracy will fight over who finds a workable pace the most popular house in the city.

On Monday night's scenes, Ken and Claudia will break the news to the family about their choice to sell up and carry on with a calmer life at Still Waters. Both Peter and Tracy need the house at a knockdown cost and as Ken loses hope over his warring family it affirms he is settling on the correct choice to leave. William Roache stated: “This is a significant choice for Ken however here and there, he thinks it is presently or never. “He has lived on a similar road his entire life, and in a similar house for its majority. “He feels that he got an opportunity to move away with Martha on the canal boat yet, he let her go. Some portion of him lamented that. “He wouldn't like to commit a similar error again and Claudia is exceptionally convincing.
” He included: “Shooting that last scene of the scene was exceptionally strong, just Ken and Eccles, and the cobbles. “He breaks the news to the family one week from now, and they are shocked however very soon Peter and Tracy begin quarreling once again who will be given the main refusal on the house. “We have just begun shooting at the retirement complex, and I am appreciating it, it generally feels diverse when we film away from the street." It appears to be fitting that Ken settles on this choice in 10,000th scene yet, it will be odd not recording in number One after this time.
” One month from now watchers will see him and Claudia move into the rich advancement complete with a mixed drink bar, book club, and fencing exercises. Ken is charmed to find that his old companions Norris and Freda are as of now subsided into life at Still Waters yet when he challenges individual occupant Charles, played by Michael Elwyn, it looks as if there might be the same amount of dramatization for Ken as there was on the cobbles.

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