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Neighbours Spoiler: Fans Can Expect ‘ a number of deaths ‘ as the 35th anniversary year progresses.

Neighbours is going into its 35th year, but it feels like there are people whose time is running out.
Australia's Channel 10 program manager Daniel Monaghan gave teases on several programs on the channel for the next year, and announced for the long-running drama that there would be a "couple of soap-like deaths."

"Years after years, it's just started to catch up, which is good, and the summer audience is back," TVTonight told him.
"There's a lot of big stories coming up and a few deaths, as per the soap genre." He doesn't know if accidents will happen, although the 35th-anniversary event takes place in March. Earlier managing director Jason Herbison said that two main stories will be told – "one is warm and nostalgic; the other is a dramatic one."

Meanwhile, Jodi Anasta has recently confirmed that she is quitting the part of Elly Conway. 
The actress, who joined in July 2016, said she was going to move back to Sydney but said she had a "brilliant departure storyline that I'm going to shoot in the coming months."

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