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PERFECT FOR A TEACHER Summer Spellman’s plot is being scrapped by Coronation Street viewers.

CORONATION Street viewers have pleaded with the show’s producers to drop a gruesome storyline involving Summer Spellman and Daniel Osbourne.

Since Daniel’s appointment as her English teacher, viewers have seen the two grow closer in recent weeks.

He has been supporting her with her application to Oxford University.

While the new teacher’s intentions have been entirely professional, admirers believe Summer has fallen for him.

Summer, 17, is expected to have a terrifying storyline that could lead to Daniel, 26, is accused of abusing his student.

The serial has already thrown hints, with Daniel’s friendship with Bethany Platt, who is younger, being used to criticize him.

And he’s been accused of favoritism for privately tutoring Summer while refusing to do the same for Max Turner.

Summer fawned over Daniel in a moment on the drama last night after admitting she had plagiarized his personal statement to get into the elite university.

Aadi Alahan, Daniel’s lover, reached out to warn her not to make a mistake that could cost her everything.

Instead, she appeared delighted that Daniel was aware of her situation – and impressed when he was patient with her.

It made supporters nervous about what could happen next.

“Please don’t go there with Summer and Daniel,” one user wrote beside a sequence of vomiting emojis.

A second person added: “I’m hoping this Daniel/Summer story doesn’t end up where I expect it to… #corrie”

“Don’t go there with Daniel and Summer, I beg #Corrie,” another said.

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