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Roo and Maggie discover shocking news about Bella.

Bella has subsided into the Bay, yet her time at school has been rough because of the way that she wasn't instructed during the years she went through with her dad. Her exercises in year eleven were troublesome, and even though Simone  was quickly around to help, her evaluations were generally not incredible. At the Dinner, helps Maggie  complete school report cards. As Ryder is occupied with Jade  and Alf is on an off the cuff end of the week with Martha in the city, she is appreciative for the interruption. Be that as it may, when the two ladies investigate the cards, they're shocked by the outcomes on Bella's. She's performed so inadequately that the work in year twelve will in all probability be unreasonably hard for her to deal with.

Roo concurs with Maggie that putting her forward for the following school year may be excessive – however being kept down a year would likewise harm her certainty, which is as of now not in a decent spot following her past and the circumstance with Tommy . 

Confronted with a troublesome circumstance, Roo chooses to go to a choice herself. Knowing how genuinely unstable Bella can be, obviously keeping her in year eleven would be shocking on her pride and confidence  yet tossing her in at the profound end with year twelve when she isn't prepared could be surprisingly more dreadful…

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