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Spoilers at home and away: Ryder discovers that Jade is doing something suspicious .

Since she turned up in the Bay, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been besotted with Jade (Mia Morrissey) and since taking her relationship to the next level by sleeping together, he hopes to make their romance official. He hopes to impress her by bringing her flowers but she barely notices and makes a quick exit to the beach. Later, while at college, Ryder notices Jade stealing money from the till and becoming paranoid. He tells her about it, but she laughs it off and claims it's only her hat.

The problem heats up further when Mackenzie (Emily Weir) comes to a close, claiming they're $50 away. Jade denies even taking cash payment and Ryder decides to cover her by saying he has accidentally left $50 in his pocket.

Ryder pressures Jade to clarify herself, particularly as he's now out of $50 and she keeps evading his questions. Finally, she gets frustrated and throws him out of her bus.

He attempts to approach her again later, and she tells him how she is trying to send money back to her family. Ryder forgives and wants to help, and Jade says she's happy that he's so sweet and that he wants to go back to what things were like. Ryder wants Alf (Ray Meagher) to decide on a loan extension for Jade while she struggles with her cash flow problem–but when Ryder is busy at work, we see Jade pocketing the cash from a drink order… Read more:


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