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Spoilers from EastEnders: Death of iconic character ‘ revealed ‘ as fans spot worrying clue?

EASTENDERS fans are hanging tight in expectation for the 35th commemoration of the BBC cleanser toward the finish of this current month, yet fans think they have just worked out which famous character will pass on after an immense piece of information was dropped. With the 35th commemoration quick drawing closer, the chase is on to discover which character will pass on as the inhabitants take a pontoon outing to observe Linda Carter (played by Kellie Bright) and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) winning the Best Pub grant. In Thursday's scene, Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) set about thinking back and fans detected an appalling piece of information persuading they currently realize who will meet their end. The EastEnders cast has been promised to the mystery with regards to who passes on in the commemoration pontoon trip yet that hasn't halted watchers transforming into analysts. In Thursday's scene, it showed up Ian was searching for somewhat more than fellowship from an intensely pregnant Sharon. As watchers know, Sharon had to move into Ian's home when it was uncovered at Christmas she had been having a shameful illicit relationship with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters). Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) showed her out of the house, leaving her with nothing. In any case, Ian and Sharon have a strong fellowship and even had an excursion when they were more youthful. In the scene, as Sharon and Ian took a gander at old photographs, fans detected a lamentable sign persuading Albert Square's long-term occupant Ian will be the one to pass on in the commemoration scene. Sharon and Ian discussed the individuals around them passing on, including Ian's mum Pauline. Fans at that point took to internet-based life to anticipate one of them could be the ones to kick the bucket as they had been discussing satisfaction. One fan took to Twitter and stated: "Why all the arbitrary close-ups of those photographs? Not saying it's Ian who bites the dust soon yet… " "God that is such a run through a world of fond memories seeing those old photographs that Ian and Sharon were experiencing," clarified another. A fourth expressed: "This Ian and Sharon thing feels like a last farewell it's odd." Could Ian or Sharon be one of the characters to kick the bucket in the pontoon party catastrophe?
Ian isn't the main name being tossed into the cap, however, fans will be left devastated regardless of who it is that kicks the bucket. Watchers have viewed with dismay as Linda has battled with her liquor enslavement. The landlord's difficulties have been working in the course of the most recent year, however now she is in danger of losing her family. The previous evening watchers looked as Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) constrained Linda to an meeting and in passionate scenes, the two separated as Shirley vowed to get her assistance. 

Keanu Taylor is additionally set to come back to the cleanser, however, will he leave passing twice? Somewhere else, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is secured a hazardous war with Leo King (Tom Wells), and somebody is going to have blood on their hands. Leo has been watching out for Whitney, in any event, dozing in her storage room and viewing from the roof. Could Leo or Whitney be an injured individual to the scourge of EastEnders' vessel or will it be Ian who endures?

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