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Sunday, August 14, 2022

    10 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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    Belle starts to regret her affair next week’s episodes of Emmerdale see Andrea left devastated when the truth about Jamie’s affair comes to light. At the same time, Vanessa makes some hard decisions, and the drama of DI Malone begins.

    Here’s a complete list of 10 upcoming storylines.

    Belle starts to regret her affair

    Belle continues to sneak around with Jamie and hopes to meet with him in secret. Unknowingly, Andrea manages to thwart this notion by asking Belle to babysit Millie at short notice. Belle begins to feel horrible after having time with Millie over the prospect of splitting up a family. She finishes by telling Jamie they should think about their relationship, and then he should fix things with Andrea.

    Nate worries about Belle

    Belle and Jamie’s latest furtive chat is being spotted by Nate, who is now aware of their secret connection. Although he doesn’t judge, especially considering his past, Nate is worried about Belle’s relationship because he fears that it could all end in tears. Later on, Nate asks Belle whether she’s seeing Jamie and is forced to come clean about the new dramas they face.

    Jamie and Belle get spotted again

    Clearly doing a bad job of this “having a secret affair,” malarkey, Jamie, and Belle are caught up again when they have a second meeting and express their love for each other. This time, Andrea is watching from behind a tree. She listens to every word of their emotional interaction and is devastated to realize that Jamie has such intense feelings for someone else.

    Andrea finds a confidante

    Andrea doesn’t confront Jamie about her discovery, but she struggles to keep calm with him in the hours that follow. Once at work, Andrea confides in Leyla about how Jamie and Belle cheated on her. Leyla suggests that Andrea must now decide if her life is worth fighting for.

    Dawn makes two alarming discoveries

    Lucas’ foster parents return to the village and say that Will threatened them during their last visit. Dawn is horrified at Will’s unwanted intervention, while Harriet is trying to keep everyone at ease. Later, tensions escalate when Billy mistakenly mentions Lucas and the gun. Dawn is shocked that her loved ones didn’t tell her about it at the time. Dawn ends up pardoning Billy for his part, but she’s even less forgiving when it comes to Will.

    Harriet has a history with Malone

    Harriet has a catch-up talk with DI Malone, oblivious of the extent to which he’s making life miserable for Will, Billy, and Cain. As Harriet questions Malone about the gun that Was hold a few weeks ago, old desires resurface. Was there more to Malone’s history than the eye meets?

    Will, Cain, and Billy face more Malone madness

    Malone pays another visit to Mill Cottage (isn’t it funny how he just knows how to show up when Aaron isn’t there?) to reveal the specifics of Will, Cain, and Billy’s latest mission. By this point, Moira is increasingly suspicious about what Cain is up to, so he asks Chas to search him out. May quickly finds himself the unlucky courier of a massive drug order on behalf of Malone. He fears the worst as it turns out that Billy and Cain will act as decoys to draw police attention away from him. Hmm, what could have gone wrong? Will attempts to warn Billy and Cain until it’s too late, but does he manage to do that?

    Vanessa’s decision leaves Charity crushed

    Following her intestinal cancer diagnosis, Vanessa is seriously considering what the future will hold for her son, Johnny if she dies. However, she was saddened by Charity’s uncertain response when she first came up with future living plans for Johnny. Vanessa looks for other options and asks her best friend, Rhona Goskirk, to be Johnny’s guardian in the event she dies. Charity is crushed when Vanessa shares this decision with her later.

    Chas discovers Paddy’s struggles

    Paddy also suffers from anxiety after leaving Eve unattended last month. However, he’s reluctant to confide Chas with how he feels. Aaron, Bear, and Pollard take the matter out of Paddy’s hands and let Chas know he’s struggling badly. Chas is stunned, but is she going to be able to give Paddy the support he needs?

    Liam and Leyla fall out

    Liam is no closer to reconciling with his daughter Leanna, who is disapproving of Leyla’s relationship. Events take a turn after Leanna manages to create a rift between Liam and Leyla, leaving her happy over the trouble she has caused. Later, Leyla vents to Andrea about her issues with Liam, but she freezes in her tracks when Andrea spills the beans about Jamie’s infidelity.

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