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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

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Next week on Neighbours, legal lines start to be drawn on Ramsay Street, Kyle deals with worrying news, while the pressures of the last few months take their toll on Terese.

Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week. 

Amy’s relationships are in jeopardy

Next week, Amy’s envy of Felicity and Levi continues to cause problems, and she may lose both men in her life as a result.

Sheila discovers what she did after rummaging through Levi’s phone for a text from Felicity, and while Levi isn’t pleased, neither is Ned when the finger of blame is pointed at him. Will Amy be able to suppress her jealousy, or is she set to go from having two boyfriends to having none?

Roxy urges Kyle to ask for help

Kyle’s cancer diagnosis has devastated him, and Roxy is doing everything she can to assist him. Roxy is convinced that Kyle needs his family’s support now more than ever, but he is wary of the uproar that would ensue if Sheila found out what is going on.

Will Kyle realize she is correct as she continues to press the point, or will he choose to fight his condition for as long as possible without informing the Cannings?

Chloe steps in to help Terese

Terese, who is on the verge of collapsing, needs help and support more than ever, and she can get it from Chloe. When Chloe sees her pouring wine down the drain, she realizes the gravity of the issue and realizes she needs a sympathetic ear.

Terese’s issues will only become worse when she learns that Paul will be attending the Lassiters Summit with her, and the prospect of spending time with him makes her nervous. Will Terese be able to hold it together, or will she give in to the temptation of drink when things get rough again?

Has Toadie learned Kyle’s secret?

Kyle left Erinsborough quickly to go stay in Frankston, and it was evident that he had something on his mind as he departed. When he returns the next week, Toadie wastes no time in getting to the root of his problem.

Toadie quickly deduces that Kyle must be sick based on Kyle’s silence and Roxy’s obvious distress, and asks him directly – only to be taken aback when he learns the reality.

Terese begins to spiral

Terese’s life has been difficult as memories of Josh’s death have resurfaced, and the possibility of her marriage to Paul ending has not helped matters.

Terese is drawn back to risky old habits next week as she continues her downward spiral and evicts Harlow from the house. While she makes an attempt to apologize, it fails miserably, and she finds herself feeling much more alone than before. Will anyone be able to stop Terese from making a major blunder?

Jane has an offer for Paul

Next week, the intricate parent set-up will continue to generate issues, and the three new parents may find themselves in court to fight over Isla. While Aaron is afraid to go through the legal system, he feels like a lone voice, and Paul quickly begins consulting with criminal defense attorneys so that they can all begin developing a case.

Jane notices how chaotic things have become and approaches Paul with a proposal — what does Jane have to offer?

Wrestling returns to Number 30

Toadie hasn’t wrestled in a while, but he’ll get his opportunity next week – and he’s ecstatic when young Nell expresses an interest.

Melanie joins in, and before enough, Mackenzie and Hendrix are participating as well – however, considering their previous sex chat, they find being so close and personal to be a bit frustrating. However, things quickly take a turn for the worst as Melanie is rushed back to the hospital.

Melanie concerns Toadie

Melanie winds up in the hospital after the wrestling gets out of hand. David attends to her and informs her that her injuries are more serious than they should be. This led him to believe she has osteoporosis, which Mel refers to as an “old lady sickness.”

Mel refuses the scan, claiming she doesn’t want to believe she might have it, leaving Toadie concerned that she might make things worse if she doesn’t get treatment. Will Toadie be able to persuade her to change her mind?

David and Aaron may be at odds

Nobody, least of all Aaron, is satisfied with how the issue with Isla is playing out, with lawyers being brought in and battle lines being set. Nicolette recognizes his desire to stop things from getting that far and approaches him in the hopes that he may mediate between David and Nicolette.

Aaron soon receives counsel from Toadie that leads him to believe that the legal route is the best course of action, but will he choose peace?

Harlow betrays Terese

Harlow has definitely given up on attempting to be famous and liked at this point, as she betrays Terese next week, someone who has stood by her through a lot over the last few years.

Harlow pushes Terese to open up and tell her how she really feels when she tells her how much she misses Paul, despite her hatred for him. But she quickly utilizes that information in a way that enrages Terese, leading her to make a hasty decision.

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