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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Tane begins to have second thoughts about his relationship with Felicity next week on Home and Away.

In other news, Nikau irritates Ari when a family feud becomes personal, and Dean is concerned that his reconciliation with Ziggy was constructed on shaky ground.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

  1. Bella is enraged by Nikau’s gesture

Bella locates her camera’s warranty and contacts the person to whom she recently sold it. When he reveals that Nikau paid him to acquire the camera on his behalf, she is taken aback. Nikau did this because he wanted Bella to have the option of reconsidering her decision to give up the camera.

Bella goes over to the Parata residence and tosses the money at Nikau, letting him know she doesn’t want anything from him. Nikau is left with both the camera and the money when Bella leaves, realising that his efforts to help have backfired spectacularly.

  1. Ari and Mia conduct some homework on their adoption intentions

Ari and Mia decide to focus more firmly on their intentions to adopt a child after a tough few weeks for the Parata family. They invite John over for dinner in the hopes that he may offer advice based on his experience parenting Jett.

Despite the fact that John’s counsel is restricted due to the differences between fostering and adoption, he offers lots of support to the couple as they prepare to start on this exciting new chapter.

  1. Tane expresses his grief

Tane and Nikau decide to take a road trip together in the hopes of distracting themselves from the sorrow of their broken romances. Nikau, on the other hand, appears to be considerably more enthusiastic than Tane, and it isn’t long before his uncle becomes irritated by his excitement.

Tane’s tolerance is tested as the Parata lads are stopped in their tracks owing to a flat tyre. He loses his cool before telling Nikau the whole storey of his breakup with Ziggy. Nikau eventually realises how much Tane is hurting from being in second place to Dean in Ziggy’s affections.

  1. Dean decides to live with Ziggy

Dean is scheduled to be released from the hospital. Staying at the pier apartment is out of the question because his mobility is still an issue. Instead, Ziggy invites him to live with her at the farmhouse.

Dean reveals to Mac that he’s apprehensive about the relocation, which comes only days after he reconnected with Ziggy. Mac worries to Ziggy that they’re rushing into things and making a mistake, but Ziggy doesn’t like her interfering.

  1. Dean makes an alarming discovery

When the topic of Ziggy’s recent divorce from Tane comes up, Dean and Ziggy’s relationship strikes another snag. Ari accidentally inflames the situation by telling Dean that Tane, not the other way around, broke up with Ziggy.

Dean subsequently brings this up with Ziggy, asking if they’d still be dating if Tane hadn’t ended things. Ziggy refuses to participate in this imaginary discussion and claims that it doesn’t matter, but Dean persists in pressing the subject.

  1. Nikau irritates Ari with a scathing remark

When they find that Ziggy has permitted Dean to move in, Nikau feels bad for Tane.

Ari informs Nikau about his adoption plans shortly after. Nikau is initially sympathetic, but his mood changes when he learns that Ari assisted Dean in moving in with Ziggy earlier.

Ari is accused of betraying Tane by Nikau. As their fight intensifies, Nikau confronts Ari, demanding to know when the government began permitting ex-convicts to adopt children. Ari and Mia are both unhappy, wondering if Nikau is correct in his assessment of Ari’s history as a hindrance to their hopes.

  1. Ari and Mia are thinking about buying the gym

Jasmine thinks about her employment obligations and realises she no longer wants to run the gym. Ari and Mia are speeding up their efforts to make their adoption application appear as nice as possible, especially considering the obstacles they’ll face as a result of Ari’s criminal background.

When the couple approaches Jasmine for a recommendation, she proposes that she could go above and above by selling them the gym. As Jasmine points out, becoming a small company owner would seem very good on their application, Ari and Mia are interested.

  1. Tane makes the decision to break up with Felicity

Tane’s affair with Felicity continues, but he’s obviously anxious when it appears that Cash could catch them together. Felicity taunts Tane about his fear of cops, but Tane argues that he has every right to be suspicious of Cash because an officer shot his brother.

When Felicity presses Tane to clarify what they mean to each other, Tane becomes even more concerned about the connection. He admits to Felicity that he isn’t ready for a relationship and that he regrets leading her on. Felicity acts unconcerned, yet it appears like she is concealing her actual sentiments.

Tane is disturbed by the unusual delivery of a solitary red rose on his doorstep later.

  1. Tori and Christian decide to depart

Tori and Christian discover that Justin and Leah are more than willing to look after baby Grace while they are on their honeymoon. As a result, Tori and Christian will be able to extend their horizons in terms of prospective destinations.

When the topic of travel comes to London, Christian surprises Tori by suggesting that they relocate there permanently. Tori dismisses the suggestion as unrealistic.

Logan tries to persuade Tori to see things from a different perspective later in the week, pointing out that she is afraid of change. Tori decides to check into prospective hospital positions in London and goes against her better judgement by applying.

  1. The covert strategy devised by Chloe and Ryder begins to arouse suspicion

Chloe and Ryder continue to use the Diner’s cooking facilities after hours to prepare orders for their meal delivery service. They may, however, be on the verge of being discovered, as Leah begins to wonder why the Diner is now employing more spices and other ingredients than normal.

It’s getting increasingly difficult for Chloe and Ryder to keep Leah, Marilyn, and Irene at bay as they work.

  1. There is a setback for Martha

Martha is dismayed to discover that the gallery she had planned to use for her fundraiser has cancelled. Instead, Roo convinces Ryder to create a website that would allow them to conduct an online auction.

When Martha realises how hard her family has worked to make her dreams a reality, she is moved. Ryder, on the other hand, is beginning to feel overwhelmed by everyone’s demands on his time.

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