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12 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

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Paddy can’t handle life and intends to end his own in the upcoming episode of Emmerdale. He leaves Bear a final letter.

Elsewhere, Amy asks Matty to marry her, and Kyle’s lawyer has some significant news.

The 12 key moments are listed below.

1. Paddy’s appearance stuns everyone

Everyone is shocked to see Paddy return after a protracted absence, looking disheveled. Although Chas is still annoyed by his absence, Marlon, who is secretly angry, rushes to give him a hug.

As Bear and Eve come, Paddy and she have an emotional reunion, and when Chas notices how heartbroken Paddy is, she finally develops empathy.

2. Paddy secretly says goodbye

To dissuade Marlon from asking questions, Paddy tries to mask his melancholy, but after Marlon leaves, Paddy’s feigned smile vanishes and he fully falls apart.

Paddy carries on with his day as usual, making amends with his loved ones and friends. They are unaware that Paddy is actually saying farewell and intending to take his own life while leaving Bear a letter.

3. The villagers panic when they realise Paddy’s intentions

Eventually, Paddy has vanished once more, and when Bear discovers the letter, he is shocked. When everyone else looks for Paddy, Marlon is distraught and feels completely useless.

Bear, Marlon, Rhona, and all of Paddy’s friends and family are frantically trying to locate him before it’s too late as the reality of his position hits everyone hard.

4. Amy is terrified for Kyle

Amy is in a panic as Kyle’s hearing draws near. Matty struggles to bring up sole custody with Amy because he feels it wouldn’t be best for Kyle.

In the meantime, Cain breaks into Keepers to see Kyle, and despite Amy’s enraged reaction, Caleb convinces her to give in after realizing how crucial it is for the father and son to share a moment.

As Kyle’s attorney calls with important news, everyone waits with bated breath.

5. Amy proposes to Matty

After hearing about Kyle’s situation, Amy spontaneously asks Matty to marry her. While Moira is thrilled, she is concerned that Matty isn’t as happy as he should be.

Matty eventually admits he believes the proposal had a hidden agenda and was Amy’s attempt to seem as a stable family unit when she submits her application for full custody of Kyle.

6. Moira tries to keep the peace

The news that Amy intends to pursue full custody of Kyle infuriates Moira.

Later, as Cain knocks on Amy’s door, she finds herself trapped in the middle. Cain lashes out at Amy for her custody intentions despite Moira’s attempts to calm him down.

7. Leyla misreads Jai’s kindness

Jai’s concern for Leyla when she receives her decree nisi touches her. Jai’s generosity is soon misunderstood, and Leyla leans in for a kiss.

As Jai realizes Laurel has seen them, he becomes dejected and tells Leyla it is no longer a good idea for him to be her only support. Suzy eventually decides to step in and assist Leyla in getting through this challenging moment.

8. Charles worries about Naomi

Dawn’s ex-boyfriend Alex and Naomi adore hanging together, so they plan a date. But, Dawn is surprised to discover them flirting.

When he watches Alex and Naomi out on a date, Charles also starts to worry that Alex might have a negative influence on Naomi.

9. Arthur is gutted to hear Marshall is leaving

When Marshall says he’s going and his father is sending him to boarding school, Arthur is devastated.

Arthur wants to talk to Marshall about their love for one another, but Marshall ignores him and wounds Arthur by saying their relationship is just a friendship.

10. Noah pays off Samson again

As he smugly demands another bribe to stay away from Amelia and Esther, Samson has Noah just where he wants him.

As he unwillingly gives another £2,000, Noah muses on how long this will go on.

11. Sam and Lydia are relieved

Sam and Lydia are happy when Eric says he won’t make a complaint regarding Sam’s theft from the shop following their argument with him the previous week.

Sam is told by Eric that he will work for him for free until Eric is happy that he has paid his debts, but Eric isn’t about to let Sam off the hook completely.

12. Mary is smitten

Mary is overjoyed to hear from Faye and suggest they get together once more. Rodney tries to flirt with Mary before she gets dressed up for her date.

Mary becomes increasingly enamored with Faye as their date progresses.

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