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14 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

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David will make a drunken pass at Maria on Coronation Street the following week, and Daisy will get angry with Justin.

In the meantime, Stephen keeps drugging Carla.

Here are 14 major events that will be on your televisions soon.

1. David tries to kiss Maria

David wants Daniel to find out how Max is doing because he is worried about Max and knows that Daniel works at the secure training facility. An STC officer informs Daniel that Max has face injuries, and David is shocked to hear the information.

David is clearly drunk when Maria finds him by himself in Victoria Gardens. Maria lends a sympathetic ear, but when David leans in for a kiss, she is appalled.

2. Shona learns about David’s betrayal

Shona tries to reassure David and insists that they’ll face anything together even though she is unaware of the situation with Maria.

Gary reacts angrily when Maria informs him about David’s attempt to kiss her.

David tries to explain that he was intoxicated and that he regrets his actions when Gary confronts him. Shona informs David that their marriage is finished out of humiliation.

3. Maria tries to get through to Shona

The following day, David tells Gail that Shona has broken up with him as a result of his inebriated pass at Maria.

Maria reaches out to Shona and claims that David’s attempt to kiss her was meaningless in an effort to persuade her to give him another chance. Shona, would you pardon David?

4. Alya struggles to move on from the attack

After bidding farewell to a leaving Zeedan, Alya dives headfirst into her work. She will have an awkward meeting with Jayden, a new client who has been charged with stabbing someone. Alya snaps at him fiercely as a result of him making her remember her tragedy.

Afterwards, Alya tells Ryan what happened, and he advises that she include everything in her victim impact statement. The former couple quickly have a passionate kiss after Ryan tries to console Alya.

5. Alya visits Max

Daniel asks Alya if she’d think about seeing Max because he’s worried about his wounds. Alya meets Max at the STC on Daniel’s instruction and listens to him out.

After Alya’s visit, Max gets in touch with David and invites him to come over. David appreciates Alya.

Alya is happy to inform Toyah and Maria that Blake will serve 12 years in prison for the assault after preparing her victim impact statement for Blake’s sentencing.

6. Daisy reports Justin to the police

Daisy is becoming increasingly alarmed as a result of Justin’s increasingly weird behavior when she gets a message from him informing her that he located her number on a delivery item.

Daisy discovers a series of texts from Justin on her phone. Daniel concludes that enough is enough and that they need to call the police after seeing the texts.

As PC Scott dismisses the texts from Justin and dismisses Daisy, Daisy is devastated. Even worse, Daisy is mortified to see that PC Scott liked every one of her vacation photos on social media following their interview.

7. Daisy lashes out at Justin

Daniel advises that they delay the wedding until Justin has been resolved because he sees that Daisy is getting to the end of her rope.

Daisy fears the worst when she sees Justin on Victoria Street carrying a bunch of roses. She confronts him aggressively and shatters the bouquet. Daisy strikes Justin when he tries to calm her down by putting a hand on her.

8. Justin reports Daisy to the police

George is shocked as he watches the event and interrupts Daisy. Justin admits that he visited George to make funeral arrangements after his mother recently passed away.

Later, when PC Jess visits Daisy and informs her that Justin has accused her of assault, Daisy learns more unpleasant news.

9. Stephen drugs Carla again

Peter goes to the factory to pick up some files for Carla when she thinks she’s ready to go back to work.

Stephen pays Carla a visit with an extra file since he can’t stand for her to start working again so soon. He sneaks some LSD into her water while she is looking away.

Peter makes the decision to call the doctor as Carla starts to feel lightheaded and disoriented.

10. Stephen uses Sarah to get to Carla

When Stephen says that he can now afford to pay back her loan in full, Elaine is overjoyed and begins looking at other apartments. Stephen is startled to find that Carla is already feeling better and still plans to go back to work, solving one issue at a time.

Later, Stephen pretends to Sarah that Carla is his worry. Carla’s mental health is currently too precarious for her to return to work, so he asks Sarah to persuade her of this.

11. Spider tries to get information from Griff

Gary is told by Maria that Len Cameron seems to have changed his mind and will now likely support the refugee center.

In the meantime, Spider visits Griff in jail and makes him a tempting proposition. Spider offers information on the source of the funding in exchange for a reduction in his sentence.

Maria finds it annoying that Len Cameron encouraged the media to take pictures of him presenting the check for the refugee center. The press conference is abruptly cut short when Spider and a colleague in stab vests show up.

12. Nina offers a helping hand

Nina saves a customer named Mo who can’t afford the suit he needs for an interview while helping Evelyn at the charity shop. Mo is in need of the suit for an interview. He gets the £10 he needs from Nina, who also wishes him luck.

When Mo shows up at the café to pay Nina back the £10 he owes her, Evelyn is taken aback. Daryan overhears Mo explaining that he needed the suit for an immigration interview.

As Mo reveals that he was at the same processing facility as his brother, who has finally arrived in UK, Daryan invites him to sit down and expresses his excitement.

13. Billy and Paul get back together

Paul tells Dee-Dee about his kiss with Billy but acknowledges that the circumstances are too confusing for him to get engaged with Billy again.

Todd prods Paul to be honest about his assault on Mike in the meantime.

Todd is taken aback when Billy and Paul reveal their reconciliation later.

14. Paul hides his symptoms

Paul pretends to be in good health following his motorcycle accident, but Billy and Dee-Dee fail to notice him having trouble picking up his darts in The Rovers.

Later in the week, Paul experiences the same difficulty holding his glass, proving that it is not an isolated incident. Paul keeps his worries to himself since he doesn’t want anyone to notice.

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