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Monday, May 16, 2022

    34 new photographs from Coronation Street feature pregnancy shock, a forceful accusation, and a massive fire arrest.

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    ‘Tis the week before Christmas and shocking revelations and discoveries take center stage in Coronation Street.

    Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) takes Ruby Dobbs to the hospital when she accidentally swallows one of Curtis Delamere’s (Sam Retford) medicines. Ruby is alright, according to the doctor, because the medication was merely a vitamin.

    Emma is perplexed, so she presses Curtis for answers. Curtis finally admits he’s not dying, telling how he initially pretended to be unwell when his parents were divorcing, enjoying the attention, but couldn’t stop once he’d started. Emma tells Curtis to pack his belongings, but she soon changes her mind.

    Emma goes with Curtis to his psychologist session, and she listens as he describes how he spent years fooling others he was dying, relishing the attention he received. He reiterates his desire to improve, telling Emma that he loves her more than anything else. Meanwhile, Curtis is handed his bank card by Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), who wants him to transfer the £100,000 they raised to Oliver’s charity fund.

    Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) meets up with Lydia (Rebecca Ryan), who takes her son Finn with her. She introduces them to Adam (Sam Robertson), but Lydia blushes and makes reasons to leave, referring to the fact that she had a connection with him at university.

    Under Sarah’s careful eye, Adam admits to a long-ago connection with Lydia, explaining that he has no recollection of it. Sarah is irritated!

    It all starts on the cobblestones next week, and if you want a sneak peek at what’s in store, check out our first-look gallery below.

    He makes a joke about high cleaning standards. How will Yasmeen react?…

    Stu thanks Yasmeen for the offer of a room 

    Drunk, Steve hands Curtis his bank card and PIN, asking him to transfer the £100k they raised to Oliver’s charity account

    Curtis pops by to visit Steve, who remains unaware of the truth

    James refuses, explaining that all County players have been instructed to not get involved with any political campaigns about local developments 

    Maria asks James if he’ll endorse her election campaign 

    She tells Maria and Gary that she’s been letting Stu stay in the barber  overnight, as he has nowhere to go

    Kelly has a confession to make

    He wants her to help him pick a Christmas gift for Eileen

    George has a request for Gail

    Emma accompanies Curtis to his appointment with the psychologist. She’s overwhelmed, as he explains he’s spent years convincing people that he’s dying, as he enjoys the attention

    Before she can do so, however, Steve reveals that Curtis raised £4,000. Will Emma have a change of heart?

    Emma, after telling Curtis to pack his bags, returns home to share her news with Steve 

    Sally is fuming, and she vows to beat Maria at her own game

    With the Q and A underway, Maria forces Sally to explain how she was imprisoned during her mayoral career

    Sarah meets with Lydia, and Adam shows up

    Lydia pales, realising she had a relationship with him at uni

    Adam admits his relationship with Lydia was years ago, and he can’t really remember

    Lydia has also brought along her son, Finn 

    Sarah is unimpressed

    Sally agrees to lend her support to a new housing development outlined for the Red Rec if elected, having been promised the first refusal on the show home

    She’s still in denial about her eyesight

    Audrey arrives at No 8, having had another car accident 

    Emma confronts Curtis with the pill box, demanding answers

    Will Curtis come clean?

    Emma can’t stop thinking about what the doctor told her

    Having eaten a burger, Summer feels guilty

    In a bid to cheer Summer up, Billy takes her to the bistro

    The doctor confirms that Ruby is fine, as the pill she took was only a vitamin. Emma is left

    Devasted after Ruby swallowed one of Curtis’ pills, Emma shows the doctors one of them, explaining that her boyfriend suffers from a heart condition.

    Zeedan will have some explaining to do, no doubt!

    His estranged wife Marrium arrives! 

    Zeedan sets about redecorating Speed Daal, but he soon gets a shock

    Summer tries to apologise to Daniel, but she’s hurt when he reveals he’s not allowed to talk to her

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