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Monday, December 11, 2023

Coronation Street fans ‘can’t stop crying’ as beloved dog killed off

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On Wednesday, a very moving scene from Coronation Street was broadcast, leaving viewers inconsolable over the death.
On Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street, Maureen Lipman’s tough character Evelyn Plummer revealed a softer side when her cherished greyhound, Cerberus, had to be put to sleep. Upon being taken to the veterinarian, the beloved ITV soap character learned the news that all pet owners dread: it would be kindest to put the dog to sleep. The adorable dog tugged at hearts as he lay motionless on Evelyn’s sofa.

The faithful greyhound who has stood by Evelyn’s side for years is 10 years old and has lived a long life for a dog.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who dropped an Eccles cake on his cafe’s floor and thought Cerberus might have eaten it, was partially to blame for the dog’s demise.

Dogs are poisoned by currents, so Cerberus’ demise could have been caused by the baked treat.

Evelyn had been hesitant to take her dog to the doctor at first, as if she was afraid of what she might learn.

She eventually agreed, however, after being persuaded by the vets and her grandson Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

Tyrone remarked, “Nan, you’ve always done right by him.

She added, “And I don’t intend to stop now,” as a lifeless Cerberus lay at her feet during the procedure.

Evelyn finally said, after a long pause, “Ok…ok… I don’t want to see him suffer.”

The vet told her that it was the right thing to do. Then, for a final farewell, the favorite character sat down next to her dog.

You recognize his noble character, don’t you? Tyrone nodded through tears as she questioned.

He responded, “He’s a proper legend,” to which Evelyn responded, “In sickness and in health.”

Nothing but unconditional love and unwavering loyalty, she continued, before wrapping a blanket around the greyhound.

Later, a scene showed the grieving dog owner saying a final goodbye as the dog passed away.

Evelyn wasn’t the only one in tears as other Coronation Street viewers soon posted their reactions to the episode on social media.

a tweet from @SkillsChannelTV reads: “Corrie has a string of utterly absurd plots, but the best Corrie episodes in the past have typically involved the death of a dog. I’ll soon stop crying. #Corrie.”

Added by @NoseyMJ “Oh my. I can’t help but cry. #Corrie,” and “I hope this episode doesn’t end with Evelyn breaking down on her own,” both from @JamieTVandNews. I don’t want to start crying midway through #TheBay #Corrie.”

Posted by @Imperfect77: “No emotion when watching serial killer programs. Cry like a baby while watching Cerberus be put to sleep on Coronation Street or in Corrie.”

“Cerberus the dog has me in tears tonight, omg. reminds me of the two dogs we’ve had to euthanize on a veterinarian’s floor. Excellent performance by #maureenlipman (Evelyn)! I sincerely hope that their friendship won’t end in #Corrie “posted by @suebaggy.

@AngeljulieXxxxx tweeted: “While @Joe M Fernandez admitted: “Crying my eyes out at #Cerberus being put down in #Corrie while my 12-year-old dog lays with me… all the dog owners crying tonight #Corrie,” Definitely not prepared for that uncomfortable situation anytime soon.”

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