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Coronation Street fans in tears as Ken says goodbye to his home

Coronation Street fans in tears as Ken says goodbye to his home

It's the end of an era​

Coronation Street fans were left in mourning as Ken Barlow bid farewell to the cobbles as 59 years.

Upon moving his things out of his new luxurious retirement house, the scene found Ken left alone with the house of his whole life.

 He's moved with partner Claudia Colby to Still Waters-while his daughter Tracy has bought Coronation Street number one from him.

And as Claudia gave Ken a minute to say goodbye to the old house, his final scenes proved emotional.

Ken glanced about, Shakily, before saying: "Goodbye number one Coronation Street."

He then picked up some of Deirdre's late wife's pots and left in a heartfelt homage to the house as the camera panned to images of Ken, Deirdre, and their other family members.

Viewers have been left sobbing at the heart-wrenching scenes-knowing Ken just doesn't want to leave.

One said: "You know when you look at Ken Barlow and say goodbye to his house on Corrie, you sound sad. I'm literally sobbing at him leaving Number 1 about what's wrong with me #Corrie."

 A second said: "Forget the earthquakes, the explosions, the Coronavirus… Ken Barlow leaving No.1 Coronation Street would disrupt the equilibrium of The World Face, crying with terror. He figured he would stay there until #Corrie #KenBarlow #Legend #PartOfTheCobbles" was done. A third said: "No. I can't deal with Ken Barlow not staying on No. 1 Coronation Street #Corrie."

"He's lived for most of his life on the same street and in the same house. He feels he's had a chance to move away on the barge with Martha but he let her go." Part of him regretted that. Often he does not want to make the same mistake and Claudia is really convincing.

"The shooting of the episode's final scene was really poignant, all Ken and Eccles and the cobbles."


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