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Coronation Street spoilers: Charlotte Jordan confirms sinister stalker Justin will destroy Daisy as he gets much worse

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Three years ago, Daisy Midgeley made her television debut as the bubbly, jovial Coronation Street character we have all come to love.

However, according to the barmaid’s most recent plotline, she might lose everything, says actress Charlotte Jordan.

Since learning that she has a stalker, Daisy has been in constant fear. During Daisy’s cancer scare, Justin (Andrew Still) met her at the hospital and became immediately fixated on her.

He started by sending her flowers and messages after becoming her social media follower before turning up to deliver packages on Coronation Street.

Daisy was terrified by this, and with Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) assistance, she ultimately decided to report him to the police.

To her horror, they were powerless to intervene.

As Justin’s actions start to completely devastate Daisy, things are only going to get worse for her.

Daisy is a sassy, self-assured character. Charlotte told Metro.co.uk, “She’s got a gob on her and she’s not afraid to tell people to do one if she feels she needs to. But what you see is that he is completely robbing her of her power.

You have no control over how other people act or perceive events, so stop trying. She consequently feels completely helpless, and it’s sad to watch Justin slowly get rid of and destroy everything that makes her Daisy.

Fortunately, she is surrounded by people who care about her and will support her during this difficult time, but nobody can truly relate to her plight. Everything that truly makes her who she is is going to be destroyed over time by him.

Charlotte described the dangerously arrogant Justin’s willingness to go to any lengths to realize his deranged fantasy.


She’s just constantly alert, the actress said. “This guy gets a job on her street so he can watch her even more closely.” She constantly checks behind her because she never knows where he might show up.

He is utterly delusional and thinks Daniel is some sort of stumbling block in their relationship.

She doesn’t know how dangerous that delusion will make him in the long run, how far it will take hold of him, or what will finally push him over the edge.

Simply put, she is in a very scary situation.

Daisy eventually decides to go to the police because the threat is so great, but will this be sufficient?

Because women are taught that “oh it’s flattering” and “he’s being nice, he’s sent you some flowers,” Charlotte continued, “it takes her a while to go to the police.”

“When you have these incidents separately, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you connect them all and consider how long it has been going on, that’s when it becomes a pattern of behavior and it becomes dangerous, and that’s when you do need to go and tell the authorities because harassment is against the law.

I suppose Daniel is the one who gives credence to or confirms her fears. He gives her the impression that calling the police is acceptable, that she needs to get assistance, and that she shouldn’t have to put up with this.

As a result of the police’s refusal to take action and her lack of respect, Daisy spirals out of control and collides with Justin, who is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Daisy loses it and punches him in the face because she can no longer take it. As injustice would have it, she is the one who is then approached by law enforcement.

Because she has been asking the police for help and they have been dismissing her requests with statements like “he hasn’t actually committed a crime so just keep a note and come back to us,” which is absurd, “this is the main thing that makes her feel even more isolated and alone,” said Charlotte.

Even though she has visited them, I believe, three times by this point, the first time Justin calls about her, they immediately take action, despite the fact that they are aware of the situation and the past events. She consequently feels utterly alone.

Charlotte is happy that Corrie is tackling the subject because she knows that it will resonate with a lot of women across the nation.

Because it’s a hot topic right now, I believed it to be a really important story to share. I’m all for anything that can be demonstrated to alter public perceptions of, say, victim blaming and similar issues and bring them to light.

The plot will pick up steam in the upcoming weeks as Daisy gets ready to marry Daniel. Photos obtained by maiil.online show the groom and guests with expressions of intense worry. Has Justin done anything to ruin the big day?

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