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Coronation Streets spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir could seek a secret divorce from Geoff Metcalfe

CORONATION STREET native Yasmeen Nazir is a survivor of coercive control but by divorcing Geoff Metcalfe there's a possibility she could get out of her dark situation.

Last week, when Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) performed what fans of Coronation Street felt was an unforgivable act, Yasmeen Nazir (played by Shelley King) was left next to herself. Though she obviously forgave her husband to destroy and cook her beloved pet chicken Charlotte Bronte, what if all this was an act, and the Pace Daal chef actually decided enough is enough?

Viewers have been asking the show for weeks to stop Geoff and Yasmeen's coercive control plot, with many proposing that the chef gets revenge on her deceptive husband by murdering him. 

Once a bubbly and optimistic lady, for many months Yasmeen has been emotionally tormented and therefore does not understand her violence. 

But with the help of family and friends, there's hope for her at the end of the tunnel, spoke to Sarah Jane Lenihan, a Stowe Family Law LLP associate, specifically about how Yasmeen could get out of this abusive situation. Discussing how long it will take Yasmeen to know what's going on with her and get treatment, Sarah said it's different for each individual and their circumstances.

After the first accident, I had clients that phoned the police who sought legal advice and quit the partnership, "stated the legal expert."On the other hand, I had others that have endured the conduct for many years; in one event, for as long as 50 years till I had the confidence to go."But there is hope that perhaps the bill of' no-fault divorce' will improve"Under the present rule if Yasmeen wanted a divorce now she would have to file a petition for a divorce based on Geoff's' unreasonable behavior' and prove that she can not stay with him because of this actions. This is going to be an extremely frightening event for Yasmeen and potentially put her at the risk of further violence.  It is precisely for this reason that we have seen individuals remaining in relationships longer than they should for fear of getting out, "Sarah reported. And there seem to be further complications: "My knowledge often means a claimant who can not find alternative housing and who does not want to lift the temperate has to stay for two (with the permission of the other party) or five years (if no consent is given) from the date they agree to split before they can request a divorce proceedings.

This often keeps them in a persistent abusive situation and sometimes so worn down that they are willing to accept very little or nothing just to get out of a financial settlement. 

"This is where we, as lawyers for the survivor, are essential to ensure that the perpetrator is properly informed of the rights and will not do something now that they could ever find a quick escape. ' There is an option to seek an injunction, but it often involves costs (unless the perpetrator is entitled to equal aid) and lengthy trials for which the victims often do not have the right to obtain an order.

"No-fault divorce encourages a partner to pursue a divorce without asking for or specifying the liability. ' However, consideration should be provided before doing so as if a victim wants to raise the abuse in future, either in financial or child proceedings, as a reason for the no divorce fault divorce being claimed, may be challenged if it is subsequently their claim that the cause for the divorce was related to the actions of the other party." 

What would be addressed is the actions of Geoff and whether it is found "unreasonable" or not.

The Serious Crime Act was introduced back in 2015 and rendered manipulating or abusive conduct in a romantic or family relationship where the behavior has a serious effect on the individual, a criminal offense.

Signs of this activity are as follows: isolating a person from his or her friends and family, controlling their time or an individual by online communication devices or using spyware, financial abuse or financial control such as requiring a person or coercive allowance only. 

Repeatedly putting them down like telling them they are useless and also enforcing rules and practices which humiliate, discredit or dehumanize the person. Sarah also said: "It's crucial that we as clinicians or even the public make no judgments as to what a' typical' survivor would look like, whether they act or even their history. This is something that can influence everybody in any rich, educated, optimistic or strong job role they may be in, "so audiences need to note that.

Sarah advised: "If you believe that someone is hurting, talk to them." Even if at first they deny it, others often interpret the behavior"It's my assumption when a victim continues telling friends and family that they often know that this activity is taking place, even if it's not the extent. before the person does it and by expressing your concerns, you can help them more informed and understand. that the activity is not common and should not be tolerated"

and this seems to be the case for Alya Nazir (Sair Khan). 

Will she carry Geoff down, or at least help Yasmeen know what's happening?

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