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Home and Away Felicity star’s cosy home life with co-star Matt Evans

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Aussie babe Jacqui Purvis and Summer Bay hunk Matt Evans have struck up such a good friendship that the two are roomies – let’s look at look inside life at their pad

Jacqui Purvis has been portraying firecracker Felicity Newman on the venerable Australian serial Home and Away for for two years.

Ever since she debuted on the Channel 5 series Summer Bay in 2021, the blonde stunner has been a fan favorite.

Although the inhabitants of the show occasionally have contentious and angry relationships, it seems like things are quite different behind the scenes.

Jacqui has moved in with one of her co-stars because of their close friendship.

She disclosed in 2021 that she had moved in with Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos; the two are still cohabitating.

Here, a Daily Star star gives readers a glimpse of life at Jacqui and Matt’s apartment in the heart of Australia.

Jacqui and Matt ‘having a blast’

The blonde beauty told TV Week in 2021 that Jacqui and Matt had moved in together.

In her interview with the magazine, Jacqui gushed over her co-star, saying, “Matt Evans and I are having a great time living together. He is among my all-time favorite persons.

Jacqui met Matt on his first day, which also happened to coincide with a Christmas party later that day, when she was sofa-surfing at the time.

The two discussed moving in together at the soap opera’s holiday party, and two weeks later they made it official.

Jacqui and Matt’s stylish Aussie apartment

Initially living together in Sydney’s south-east, the two have recently moved to Coogee, a beach neighborhood.

Jacqui and Matt recently opened their residence to the cameras for an interview with the Australian magazine TV Week.

Inside, bursts of retro art can be seen as well as floor-to-ceiling windows and a plush grey corner sofa.

The two have also shared sweets snaps on Instagram of their home – while commemorating their friendship.

In August 2021, Jacqui threw Matt a birthday party complete with presents, balloons and cards.

Jacqui’s biggest pet peeve living with Matt

Of course, indoor plants are not necessary for Jacqui and Matt’s millennial haven.

However, Jacqui claims that her roommate continually murdering them, which irritates her.

He kills them all, which is probably my biggest pet peeve, she chuckles.

Despite this, the two claim they have always enjoyed living together.

We’ve never actually talked about home rules or our living arrangement. We don’t even have to talk about it because we clean up after ourselves, Matt added.

If there is ever an issue, we either address it head-on or we act as if it never happened.

Matt ‘doesn’t fall in love easily’

Jacqui and Matt are not a couple, and their connection is only platonic despite the fact that they share a home.

And it seems like Australian hottie Matt is not thinking about love right now.

There is currently no one on the horizon, according to Matt, a singer-songwriter who competed on The Voice in 2020.

“I do write a lot of love songs, which is funny because I haven’t had many girlfriends and I don’t really fall in love very easily,” he said.

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