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Home and Away introduces Mackenzie’s ex-fiancé Gabe

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Gabe Miller, Mackenzie Booth’s ex-boyfriend and former fiancé, has been presented in Home and Away as we learn more about Mac’s past prior to Summer Bay.

The Australian episode of Home and Away that aired tonight (Monday, January 16) surprised everyone by revealing that Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who had travelled to Summer Bay in search of her long-lost half-brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor), was already engaged to be married.

Following the conclusion of last Thursday’s episode, Mackenzie went to Salt and discovered a man seated at the bar. She came to a complete halt when she saw him; she knew who he was and wasn’t pleased to see him in her restaurant.

In tonight’s episode, Mackenzie hurried downstairs and contacted Dean, telling him to hurry over to the Surf Club. She informed him she needed his help, which confused him because it was late and he was getting ready for bed. Now!

The mysterious man was inside Salt sitting at the bar, unaware that Mac had already seen him.

He inquired as to if Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) knew the owner of the business and whether she worked nights.

Stacey told him to ask the employees, but she withheld any further information, to which he replied that he had already done so and that they hadn’t been very helpful.

Dean arrived at the surf club and discovered his sister hidden behind the counter of the board shop. She informed Dean that there was a man upstairs who she required him to eject without offering any further reason.

When Mackenzie hesitated to tell Dean what the man had done, he resisted, but she eventually used emotional blackmail by saying she had just built him a lovely nursery and needed him to repay the favour.

Dean eventually concurred, and Mackenzie took off.

Dean entered Salt and quickly made his way to the bar, where he had little trouble telling the man to go without asking any questions or sipping the rest of his drink.

The unidentified man didn’t appear startled and told Dean that he thought Mackenzie had seen him and instructed him to eject him since he thought he was her lover.

Again insisting that he leave, Dean was in no mood to answer inquiries.

The man asked Dean if he would pass along a message, and Dean was eager to comply without raising too much of a fuss. Dean replied, “Depends what it is,” and was taken aback when the man only asked him to inform Mackenzie that he was interested in talking.

Mackenzie was waiting in the new nursery when Dean entered the farmhouse; she was plainly frightened.

She initially pretended that the man was only a nuisance and that she needed Dean to get rid of him before finally telling the truth.

He goes by the name of Gabe, and he was the prospective spouse.

She wasn’t in the mood to elaborate further. Before going to bed, she told her brother, who was still speechless, that she didn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning, before Dean awoke, Mackenzie had left for Salt. She eventually answered a few of his inquiries when he showed up to look for her.

Before Mackenzie showed up in Summer Bay looking for Dean, everything took place years ago.

There were only two months left till their wedding day. She doesn’t know and doesn’t care why he has suddenly shown up in Summer Bay.

But a few hours later, she discovered Gabe in Salt, waiting for her.

She told him she had nothing to say to him after he pleaded for just one chat, and he was once more instructed to leave.

Wasn’t getting ejected last night a hint enough for you?

Gabe chose to stay inside the facility rather than leave and sat down in the surf club. Soon after, Dean came across him and told him he had to be either bold or foolish.

A few minutes later, Mac headed downstairs and was similarly shocked to see Gabe still there. She vowed to call the police.

She grew irritated with his presence and said, “You are the last person I want to talk to.” And you understand why.

He pleaded with her once more for just one chat, telling her that what transpired between them was the biggest mistake of his life and that he merely desired the opportunity to explain his actions.

He had one chat with Mackenzie before they went to the beach, where it was discovered that Gabe had dumped his fiancee with no explanation and only a letter!

He was reminded by Mackenzie, “I had the dress.” Two months remained until our wedding. Furthermore, you lacked the guts to confront me with it. You left a message! Who abuses someone they’re supposed to love like that?

Mac was surprised by Gabe’s explanation when she learned that cutthroat businessman Rick Booth, Mac’s father, had fired Gabe.

Your father. I accepted his $50,000 offer to avoid you when he made it to me, the man said. “If I could change things in the past… I shouldn’t have accepted that cash.

The fact that Gabe accepted Rick’s offer to pay for his departure, rather than the fact itself, shocks Mackenzie the most.

She was unable to believe what she was hearing and reminded him, “But you did take it, and then you went.” Therefore, you won’t find it from me if you’re looking for forgiveness for her.

“Gabe, go home. Stay away from me, too. I really do.

Even though that was how tonight’s episode ended, Gabe will most likely return in future episodes.

The two continue talking on the beach in tomorrow’s episode as Gabe pursues Mackenzie, and Remi (Adam Rowland) steps in to cool things down when things get heated.

When it comes to deciding whether to give Gabe another chance, Mackenzie faces a difficult conundrum.

She discovers a message and a check for $50,000 that were left for her at Salt. The note reads, “If you believe this is only about money, here is every cent your father gave me.”

In a later conversation, Gabe will admit that he harmed her, but he won’t be able to forgive himself until he is sure that she has also forgiven him.

“Mackenzie, I need you to know that I still adore you.”

Dean is, as usual, a wealth of knowledge. You can choose to forgive the man or not for stealing Rick’s money.

Although Gabe’s activities seem quite reprehensible, it appears that Mackenzie could be willing to overlook them. The premise for Wednesday’s episode suggests that “Mackenzie gives love a second opportunity,” implying that the couple give their relationship another shot.

Is Mackenzie setting herself up for another heartbreak, or might this be the beginning of her happily ever after?

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