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Home and Away Review: The loved-up couple flee the Bay

Bella’s interview is hours away, and she’s trying to get Nikau involved in the murder, which would make him the fifth guy, and Ziggy’s probably not far behind either.

Home and Away ep 7393

We don’t have to wait long before Bella confesses everything to Nikau and tells him that the first time they met, she lied to him — that Colby shot Ross and everyone will go to prison if she says the wrong thing and isn’t willing to take that chance.

Ever since she and Ross “lived off the grid for years,” she knew how to vanish.

“I need to go, I need to leave Summer Bay,” says Bella.
Nikau is trying to come to terms with the old news, and his eyes are doing that thing where they go wide as if surprised. This time I think that means a heartbreak.

Home and Away ep 7393

Nikau says that’s the worst idea ever, and faces the possibility of not seeing Bella again.

“When do I see you over again? “The puppy says.

When the young lovers say their goodbyes, Nikau tells Bella that he loves her, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mean it back, but the flame of passion passes through unnoticed.

And Colby leans Willow has been breezing over her interview.

While Bella gets packing, she assures Colby that she’s beautiful, which lulls him into a false sense of protection.

“Could she pull this off,” Dean tells Colby.

Home and Away ep 7393

Dean is still anxious about Ziggy catching on, so they schedule a surf trip and get away for a couple of days.

On the other side, Nikau goes right into action mode and takes the rest of the not-so-hideous cash out of the shed.

Uncle Tane may be very cranky when he learns, but when he finds out, Nikau has run away with his mother, nowhere near as grumpy as he should be.

Not great plans. They’re hitchhiking out of town, and this unknown but good Samaritan is likely to say someone in their incredibly close-knit group, and they’re going to identify before they even get to, I suppose Yabbie Creek.

Of course, Bella is not showing up to her interview with the police, and the panic is setting in for Colby.
She has just left a message.

“I am sorry for Colby. I really can’t do it. This way, it’s safer, “it says.

It is a bit like when Berger breaks upon a Post-it with Carrie in Sex and the City.

If I think Bella’s note would have the same impact of uniting all women who have been broken up with men, catfished, or hate men.

Justin, Leah, and Tori are gushing at baby Gracie’s cuteness.

Justin and Leah have been away for a couple of days that I missed entirely, but Justin claims that his headaches were due to stress and that he feels “one million dollars.”

Home and Away ep 7393

Yet he doesn’t look at it. And he sounds particularly grumpy about the state of Jasmine and is still going on.

So he’s struggling to get out of his chair and forgets that he’s on babysitting duty and I’m worried that the Leah curse – the one where all her husbands die-is at hand. And First, Justin.


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