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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree fears Jacob is heading back to Summer Bay

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree is on high alert when she learns Jacob hasn’t shown up for work – is he about to return to Summer Bay? Elsewhere, Stacey agrees to give monogamy a go.

Bree (Juliet Godwin), who finally summoned the confidence to file a domestic violence complaint against her husband Jacob (Alex Williams) last week, is unnerved by the fact that she has not yet received a response from the police—or from Jacob, for that matter.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) learns from inquiries that Jacob (who is currently employed by the police in Western Australia) has been interrogated and charged. Of course, Jacob has denied everything, and despite being freed on bond, an AVO has been placed on him to forbid him from approaching or getting in touch with Bree.

Bree, however, finds no solace in the news as she wonders about how upset Jacob will be and begins to question whether it was the proper move to report him since she has any concrete evidence to back up her claims.

When Jacob breaks his AVO and contacts Bree, the eerie silence from him is quickly broken. She responds, but when she apologizes to her husband and attempts to explain, Remi (Adam Rowland) gets irritated. Bree doesn’t like Remi’s involvement as he takes the phone away from her and tells Jacob not to call again.

Bree storms out of the house and later says that she has loved Jacob since they were teenagers and that she can’t just turn off her affections for him.

Bree explains that Remi can never comprehend the intensity of her feelings, therefore Remi’s declaration that he can because he is in love with her surprises Bree.

Remi hopes for a response to his proclamation of love, but he doesn’t get one. Bree goes back home right away and gathers her belongings; things are difficult enough without Remi throwing her a curveball like that!

Remi barricades the door in an effort to stop Bree from leaving, but when she begins to appear scared, he quickly realizes his error. Remi understands he must maintain his distance.

Later on in the week, Remi is dodging Bree’s pursuit as she apologizes for her behavior and thanks him for giving her space while trying to avoid being pursued by her. Remi, however, doesn’t think that being near him right now will benefit her, so he slips away to Salt and confides in Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Bree runs into Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) for the first time since the incident at the hospital. Bree had reported Dean (Patrick O’Connor) to the police after Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) went down the stairs at Salt due to Bree’s faulty interpretation of the circumstances brought on by her personal experience. Bree quickly realized her error, and Ziggy has since apologized to Bree for how she treated her in the hospital after Dean informed her of the reality about what Bree has been going through.

When Ziggy lets her know that she and Dean will be there for her anytime she needs them, Bree is overcome with emotion and ends up breaking down in Ziggy’s arms.

Remi apologizes for scaring Bree when they ultimately cross paths again, but she later reveals that he has only ever made her feel safe. They returned to the house after their issues were resolved.

Bree receives a call from Jacob’s supervisor in WA when she goes to Salt later to pick up some takeout. He tells her that Jacob hasn’t arrived at work despite the fact that he is obviously ignorant of the most recent developments.

There is only one explanation for Jacob not showing up for work, and Bree is immediately worried that he is returning to Summer Bay!

Bree responds to Mac and Ziggy’s advice that she shouldn’t be alone by saying that her car is only outside and that she would be returning to Remi’s right away.

Remi is perplexed when Bree still hasn’t returned when he later exits the shower. He leaves her a voicemail because he can’t reach her mobile.

Has something happened to Bree?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, things are a little weird between Xander (Luke Van Os) and Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) following their break-up, after Xander realised that he wasn’t comfortable with Stacey’s polyamorous lifestyle.

Stacey says she wasn’t sure if they were even still talking as the two uncomfortably meet each other on the beach, but Xander insists he still wants to be her friend and asks her out for dinner that night.

While dining at Salt, the two run into Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who immediately expresses her disgust and cautions Stacey not to mistreat her brother.

Heading back to the apartment, Xander and Stacey give into temptation and start kissing, only for Rose to walk in and interrupt them—so much for only being friends!

After Rose leaves them to it, Xander tells Stacey that it’s perhaps best they don’t hang out together after all.

Stacey’s clearly annoyed by the situation, much to Xander’s confusion, and the next morning she returns wanting an explanation. Xander simply states that seeing as they’re only friends, they shouldn’t really be sleeping together…

As they make their way back to the apartment, Xander and Stacey cave in to temptation and begin kissing, but Rose enters and breaks it off—so much for just being friends!

Xander advises Stacey that it might be best if they don’t hang out together after all after Rose leaves them to it.

To Xander’s surprise and Stacey’s obvious annoyance, Stacey returns the following morning seeking an explanation. Xander merely says that since they are only friends, sleeping together isn’t really appropriate.

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship for the pair?

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